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Palm Beach, Australia?

23 Feb 2016

I have been back for almost a whole week now and let me tell you, IT IS HOT! My first purchase here was a fan yet my room still feels like it's 90 degrees.  Can’t complain too much though when I know there is snow on the ground at home…

One of my goals as I had mentioned in my first post is to go someplace new at least once a week on my second semester here. On Saturday I randomly picked a place on the map and set out on my way! The place I picked was called Palm Beach and ended up being two and a half hours away by bus… yes, it was a very long day. 

The coolest thing when I got there was that you could do a short 20 minute hike up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse.  It may have been short but it was also fairly exhausting, so by the time I reached the top I was definitely ready to sit down on one of the boulders overlooking Barrenjoey beach and Station beach.  It was such an incredibly beautiful view of two beaches merging together!  There was also a small area just below the lighthouse to hike around which provided 360 degrees of breathtaking views. Taking in the scenery I found a quiet spot to myself to just sit, relax, enjoy the nature and appreciate the wonderful country I am so blessed to be back in.

There’s always something amazing waiting to be discovered in Sydney and I can’t wait to see what my next adventure is!


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