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Actually 'Studying' Abroad

7 Mar 2016

Unfortunately our free week to get acclimated to the area of Sydney and the University’s orientation week have come to an end, and class work has begun.  I’m taking Diet and Nutrition for Sport and Health, Bioethics, Brain and Behaviour, and American History.  Going to class is the ultimate struggle not because of having so much work to do but because there is rarely air conditioning in the buildings here!! Relaxing on the warm sand with a speaker and some friends sounds so much better than going to class, but it is called “studying” abroad for a reason. The temperatures here have been averaging around the 70s/80s as summer is ending which means perfect beach weather for swimming too.  If I had to suggest a semester to study abroad in Sydney, I would probably pick sem 1 over sem 2 simply because of how much nicer the weather is.

Even though classes have started and there is work to be done, Sydney is still as entertaining as ever! Some of us went to Bondi beach this weekend and did part of the Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk.  I have done this walk three times now and can honestly say that the views never cease to amaze me.  Whether it is the waves crashing into the Iceberg pool or standing at the cliff edge looking down to the foaming waters, you almost don’t believe that it is real in awe of the beauty and wonder.

This weekend was also the Sydney Mardi Gras parade on Oxford St.  WHAT a crazy event to go to… There were thousands of spectators, hundreds in the parade, and it seemed like everyone was dressed up in a costume or vibrant colours.  It was very interesting to go to because I had never been to any festival like that in America.  The main difference I noticed was how friendly everyone was being even though it was uncomfortably crowded and filled with people from many different backgrounds.  It truly reiterated how Australia is so accepting of everyone regardless of where they come from or how they choose to live their life.  In fact, there was one point where everyone was packed like sardines trying to get away from the parade and people were just joking about it.  I feel if I had been in America in that situation people would have been arguing and pushing each other violently to get out faster.  The lifestyle is just much more relaxed here so I can already tell it’s going to be hard going back to the states and living the rushed lifestyle again.

To end the weekend we went to a Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs game at Allianz Stadium.  As much as I have enjoyed watching rugby since I have been here, this game was absolutely terrible.  The Roosters were annihilated 42-10, not to mention how unbearably hot it was watching the game.  The best part might have been when it ended (haha) and we were able to go into the city to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset and see the Opera House lit up at night.


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