Sunny Sandy Beaches

The start of the Bondi to Coogee walk

Cliffside view

What trip to Australia would be complete without seeing a beach. Or better yet, walking along the cliffs and pathways between some of the beaches. Aussie culture really is all about sand, surf and sun. The famous/popular beaches around here are Bondi, Coogee and Manly. So far I have walked from Bondi to Coogee; the walk takes about 1.5 hrs and is all along the cliffs and the edge of the water. So understandably it was gorgeous, and I will be doing it again for sure.

Part of the Coogee-Bondi walk

I also have taken the ferry out to Watson’s bay. On the way we passed Rose Bay and Shark Island. At Watson’s there is a small park with a lighthouse, and great views out onto the ocean since it just about as east coast of Sydney as you can get. At the pier there are a few small restaurants, bars and thin sandy strips. There was even a hermit crab race!

Respite from the CBD of Sydney

View during walk around the small park in Watson’s bay


Watson’s Bay

Hermit crab racing