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Running Around in Winter

5 Aug 2014

Centennial Park

Winter fireworks

June/July is Australia’s winter, and yes it is chilly, but compared to winters back home this is great for coldest months. There is currently a fair called ‘Yule’ in Darling Harbor. There are fireworks on Saturdays, ice-skating, and zorbs that float on the water. With spending 15$ at the Lindt store and you can go in one. So fun and surprisingly challenging!

Lindt zorbs and floating truffles

Crawling in the zorb

Hiking Mosman to Manly beach

In an effort to offset all my delicious sweets and foods I’ve been eating I go running jogging and walking during the up-hills a few days a week. Definitely too cold to swim, but perfect for jogging, and I’ve gotten to see the neighborhood we live in, many sunsets and a park nearby as well. So sad this trip is over in two days!

A slightly sad yet slightly funny vet name

Sunset views on a jog

Passing through UNSW campus

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