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Fanatastic, Fattening, Fresh Foods

28 Jul 2014

Pavlova and Lemon Meringue

The food scene in Sydney is awesome. If I wasn’t on a college budget I would get every meal out and probably still be finding new places I want to try and go to. I usually get a meal while out every other day, and past that bring my lunch and make dinner at the house. But even with that grocery stores are different. All the different kind of chocolate bars are great to try, but definitely have tried a few that are lackluster.

Yummy chocolate bars
(Snack variety has sections with orange, coconut, pineapple, rose, caramel and strawberry)

There are also so many different kinds of TimTams (an amazing cookie that you can mostly only find in Australia and some flavors in Canada), we have made our way through every kind I think. There are lots of gelato and froyo places, more so than ice-cream. Cafes are everywhere here, and coffee is a much bigger deal than I thought it would be. Luckily they have banana bread, pear/raspberry bread, macarons and just so many wonderful baked goods that I have yet to get bored of them (or have something I didn’t enjoy).

Froyo. Some different toppings here, cheesecake chunks, red velvet chunks, honeycomb, various boba, ‘japanese marshmallows’, chocolate rocks, TimTam, candied nuts, passion fruit

Sampling different TimTams

And of course what trip to a commonwealth nation would be complete without getting fish and chips at least once. Both times I’ve gotten them (once in Watson’s bay, once in Bondi) they have been freshly made and amazing

Some great fish and chips with a great view

On a healthier note…

One of the few sit-down dinner restaurants we went to – Caprese

Some things here are amazingly cheap (4 kiwis for 1 dollar!), and some things are crazy expensive (8$ for a tiny carton of blueberries), so this has partially decided for me what groceries to stock up on.
Overall there is a strong vibe of British food (pub fare) and every kind of Asian food as well. Korean, Chinese, Indonesian… you name it, it is here. My favorite is the sushi, most places I’ve been to are take-away (not ’to-go’), and depending on where you go they can be very discounted, and often they have large rolls, that are in-between a hand-roll and a roll chopping into the usual 6 pieces. And brown rice and even black rice are common.

Chinese food for lunch

Some sushi and macarons

There is also a salad place I’ve found, it is like Sweetgreen but with even more toppings, and when it comes with a piece of fresh sourdough bread – yum!

So many toppings to choose from!

Ending on a sweet note

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