Classes Down Under


We are taking two classes during this trip; ‘Australian Politics, Society, and Identity: 1788 – Present’ and ‘Aboriginal Society in Australia’. The first one is more focused history and culture, the foundations of Australia. This being our final week we are learning more about the current budget arguments, world status and rising immigration issues.

Aboriginal Flag on building in RedFern

NSW Gallery artwork

The second focuses more on public service and the Aboriginal experience, they have been here for centuries before the European discovery.
For this course we have gone on a few field trips. These have included seeing various aboriginal artworks in the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Gallery of NSW. We also visited the Parliament, Redfern community center and the Justice and Police museum.

Some weapons from the Justice and Police Museum

Artwork in the MCA

Both classes are very interesting (at least for me, hence why this is part of my major) and somehow we have learned so much in such a relatively short period of time.

Visiting Parliament


In class activity