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My New Favorite City (Besides Dublin Of Course)

February 26, 2015

This week is reading week at Trinity College, so my friends and I set out to explore Europe on our time off. We have so far travelled to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague, and tomorrow I leave for Paris for the rest of the weekend. All three cities were amazing, but Prague was by far my favorite. It looks like you walked into a fairytale from the gothic archiecture, red rooftops and cobblestone streets. Prague has an interesting history, and we had a chance to learn a lot about the city and about the Czech Republic through an excellent walking tour. We ate a lot of the local cuisine, including a dessert called a chimney stack, which is essentially warm dough covered in cinnamon sugar in a spiral. We walked around Old Town, the palace, and even made the treck up the Petrin for a spectacular panoramic view. It was my first time travelling out of Ireland since travelling here in January, and I had a fantastic trip. I got to experience totally different cultures and engage in places that don't use English as the primary language, which was a challenging but manageable obstacle in navigating around eastern and central Europe. 



A view of Prague Castle at night from the St. Charles bridge. 


Architecture at night in the Old Town part of Prague. 


The famous clock in Prague. 


The John Lennon Wall in Prague. 


The red rooftops in Prague.



Inside the Cathedral at Prague Castle. 

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