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Last Days In Dublin

19 May 2015

As my final days wind down in Dublin, I've been taking time to appreciate all of the places I have come to know and love this semester. This has included several long runs to the beach and walking around downtown taking in the sights of the city for my last few days. I have had the opportunity to see so many beautiful things this semester, but even with all of the places I went, Dublin is by far the most special. I am so lucky to have lived in such a beautiful country for almost five months, and to have spent my time in the company of such great people. Saying goodbye to Dublin and Ireland will not be easy, but I know that one day I will return. 



Sunset in Dublin off of the back steps to our house.


The front gates of Trinity after I completed my last final exam. 


My favorite building at Trinity, the Museum Building, in bloom.


A beautiful day on the River Liffey.


My friends and I hiking in Howth, just outside Dublin (photo courtesy of Maggie McNally).


Sunrise at Sandymount Strand, the beach a short run/walk away from my house.

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