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Home Sweet Home

May 16, 2017

I finally have gotten home as of yesterday Monday May 15th and quite honestly I feel numb. The states are  weird and for sure nothing like the islands. There's busy streets, a lot of people and a bunch of English I'm surprisingly not use to having as background noise. The Spanish translations of everything on the airplanes and airports felt so much more normal then the actual English ones. I haven't left my house since I got home. I mean it's only been two days but still, I've just sat on the couch and watched tv while eating food. To be fair I haven't watched tv in basically four months and I haven't been able to eat American food either in that time span. I'm happy to be home for the people and my pets, but I'm not happy to be here at the same time. I want to be back at the islands I miss the sea lions, the turtles, the sharks and the overall marine life and wildlife the islands had to offer. I miss listening to the Spanish background noise and music, I miss my host family and friends and I miss diving everyday. 


It is hard seeing the same people everyday for four months and then one day you just never see them again... well not ever, my friends and I plan to meet up in the future but still I don't have the reoccurring presence of them. I know I'll readjust to home eventually I just know I might take some time. I've cried a bunch both happy tears and sad. I completely didn't think this study abroad experience would affect me like this. I feel like a complete mess at times but then I feel ok. I'm constantly back and forth and I don't know what to feel or what to say to people when they ask if I'm excited to be home. 

All the questions aren't overwhelming me. I know people want to know if I had a good time and all the things I did, but I feel so smothered and every time I think of the Galapagos I cry. 

I feel like a big blob of emotions and don't know anything anymore. I know I have to get up and do things not sulk around but right now it's like all I want to do. 

Coming back from the islands isn't as easy as I thought it would be. And as much as it stunk leaving the Galapagos it's an experience I won't ever regret or forget. 

The Galapagos will be with me forever and always

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