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Kiwi Land

19 Oct 2016

This past weekend I spent 4 days in Queenstown, New Zealand. Overall, this city is a MUST visit and is definitely my favourite city so far. It is basically a college students dream place because majority of the people living there are in their 20’s and might be the friendliest people I have ever met.

I travelled to Queenstown with two of my best friends and we stayed at the HeartLand hotel right outside of town. I would definitely recommend staying there, it was inexpensive and amazing location (only a 5-minute walk to town).

On our first day we walked around the town went bungee jumping. The town is super small and cute but filled with amazing restaurants. Our favourite breakfast/brunch place was definitely Vudu Café. If you are into vegan/healthy brunch options this is definitely the place to go (the wholemeal pancakes & eggs benny were divine)! If you are looking for the best dinner options, I would recommend Madam Wu’s. It is similar to a tapas restaurant mixed with modern Asian cuisine. However…… Our favourite place to eat in Queenstown was definitely FergBurger. Fergburger is located right in the middle of town and is known *world-wide for their famous burgers. After scarfing one down in about 5 minutes, I can definitely say that it was the best burger I have ever had (and if you haven’t realized yet, I am quite the foodie).

On our second day we went sky diving and hiking. Although we chose to do Tiki Trail Hike and it is known as the “easier” hike, we definitely broke a sweat! Everyone in Queenstown was so friendly, we met a group of guys on the hike and they ended up bringing us to the best restaurants and bars that night!

On our third day, we decided to stop in Happy Tours (a travel company) and see what activities they would recommend. Right then and there we were able to book a trip to the Onsen Hot pools and a helicopter ride to a glacier. Both of these activities were well worth it, although they were quite expensive. The helicopter ride only lasted an hour but we were able to fly over snowy mountains and eventually land on a glacier. The views were absolutely breathtaking, something that I will never forget.

When looking back on my trip, I honestly can’t even believe that it was real life. From hanging out with New Zealand locals to taking a helicopter over the snowy mountains, Queenstown was absolutely amazing. If you ever get the chance to visit I would definitely recommend going. Although I only had a few short days there I definitely plan on returning one day (hopefully in the near future)! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me!

And as they say in New Zealand…Cheers mate! 

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