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Jul 4 7:41am

Visiting Prague!

For the last weekend of my IES Abroad trip, my roommates and I took the opportunity to travel to Prague, Czech Republic. We left Friday, July 1, and left Sunday, July 3.

Jul 4 5:28am

Things I Love and Things I Miss

Post by Annika Rader

After over a month of being abroad, I’ve begun to reflect on the things about Italy that I love and will miss when I leave in a month or so, versus the things that I miss about home that I can’t wait to return to.

Jul 3 11:18am

"The Mountains are Calling..."

Post by Sam Wherley

It’s never been intentional as a habit of any sort, but, whenever I’m spending time in a new city, I tend to find the highest point around and walk to the top. Looking out over Belfast and Dublin, I reflected on why I can’t resist climbing a good hill.

Jul 2 9:16am

Fontainebleau: The Other, Less-Crowded Versailles

Post by Sam Kornylak

Many people who have been to France know about the Château de Versailles, an expansive 17th-century palace just outside of Paris.  It is a beautiful place to spend the day and one of my favorite destinations in and around Paris.  However, it begs the question:

Jun 29 3:30pm

Alsace Vacation!!!

Post by Emily Macdonald

We just got back from our week-long February break. A few friends and I decided to squeeze in as many locations as we could during this trip (without getting too exhausted). We went to Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, and Colmar.

Jun 29 2:37pm

Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint Malo!!!

Post by Emily Macdonald

Everytime my program takes us on an excursion, the energy is electric. Everyone is so excited because we get to spend the day exploring a new place in France that we may otherwise never get to visit.