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Sound Track to My Study Abroad | Fall Break

13 Nov 2016

A great thing about going to school in Boulder, Colorado is being so close to Red Rocks Amphitheater, potentially the best outdoor concert venue in the world! All of my friends in the United States had the pleasure of seeing the Chainsmokers live at Red Rocks. Although I am so happy and excited to be in France, this is something I felt I missed out on. Lucky for me, I did a little research and found out the Chainsmokers were playing in Milan on the first night of my fall break! 

Little did I know, this would open up many more opportunities. RyanAir flies out of Milan which would allow me to travel practically anywhere inside Europe for very cheap! I had my heart set on Santorini, Greece but I also thought it might be a little unrealistic. To my surprise, it would be affordable and easy to get there! To make the most of my time, I decided to go to Rome for the final weekend of my vacation. Rome was not necessarily on my “abroad bucket list” but how can you spend four months in Europe and never see Rome? 

My friend Olivia and I planned our vacations together. Fall break started on Saturday, when we trained from Nice to Milan. We spent the night in Milan where we stayed in an AirBnb within walking distance from the concert venue. We worked our way up to front row despite angering some feisty Italian girls. It was an incredible night. The next day we flew to Athens and then to Santorini. We explored the island while also taking time to relax and enjoy being on “island time.” On Thursday morning, we flew back to Athens and then to Rome. In Rome, we stayed in Trastevere which was adorable! We went sight seeing, of course, and enjoyed a lot of delicious pasta. At last, on Sunday, we returned to Nice. 

This video may make it seem like we are obsessed with the Chainsmokers but in reality they just put on an amazing concert and it will be a night I’ll never forget. 



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