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October 26, 2016

While waitressing over the summer, I waited on this very nice lady from New York. She grew up in Maine just like me and had studied abroad in Paris. At the end of the meal she told me that I must travel to San Sebastian and to Corsica. At the time, I did not know much about Corsica, but now I do!!

Over the weekend, the entire IES Abroad Nice program travelled together to Corsica! Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean, just north of Sardinia. Technically, it was a field trip relating to our French History class. Corsica is so important because it is the birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte. Since it was a field trip, our program had funded it. Of course, we had paid for this trip at some point but we liked to pretend it was free! 

This video focuses on our time in Bonifacio, although our trip was divided between Ajaccio (Napoleon’s birth place) and Bonifacio. We even toured Napoleon’s house! Bonifacio is the southern tip of Corsica and Ajaccio is on the South Western coast. They are relatively close to each other but because of Corsica’s rocky interior, decent roads only exist along the coastline. This made for a scenic ride!

Bonifacio was absolutely breathtaking. The newer part of the town was filled with impressive yachts and sailboats while the old part of the town was perched on top of a cliff surrounded by spectacular views. Take a look for yourself…


~ please excuse my pronunciation of Bonifacio and Ajaccio ~

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