Hello! My name is Lee and I will be spending the next four months in Nice, France. As of right now, I’m writing from the coast of Maine where I was born and raised. Tomorrow, I board an airplane, and I’m off to France. I put this short video together to introduce myself and to show where I am from. I love the ocean and I am especially looking forward to the Mediterranean Sea! 


I study broadcast journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since I’m not taking any journalism classes (instead, focusing on French studies), I thought it would be helpful to video blog to keep up with my skills. In the future, I can see myself as a news anchor, or filming and editing my own videos, so video blogging is a great way to gain experience. Also, blogging is such a great way to show my friends and family what I have been up to! 


Nice is such a beautiful place — at least from what I’ve seen from the many times I’ve googled it. I do not think it is anything like Maine or Colorado. I love the constant sunshine in Colorado and the wonderful ocean of Maine. I hope that Nice will combine the sunshine and the sea that I enjoy in United States. plus, I'll be in Europe! Spending a semester in Europe will give me the time to learn and adjust to a new and exciting culture. Creating video blogs will allow me to showcase the beauty and the culture of Nice. Also, blogging is such a great way to show my friends in family what I have been up to! 





Be sure to check in again for the next video! 


À plus!