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名古屋の春 Spring in Nagoya

18 Apr 2017


お花見、鶴舞公園 (cherry blossom viewing, Tsuruma Park in Nagoya)



名城公園名古屋 (tulip garden, Meijō Park)



茶道授業で作った生け花 (flower arrangement in Japanese Culture and Tea Ceremony class)



悠月ちゃん (Yuzuki, a newborn addition to my host family)



郡上市 (foggy mountains outside Gujo)


IMG_5319 (2).JPG

岡崎城 (Okazaki Castle)



葉桜、岡崎公園 (leaves emerging from cherry trees)



ふかしている餅 (steaming mochi, before making sweets)

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