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Dec 6 4:38am

Curtains Up: Theatre In London

Post by Samuel Meyer

London is compared to New York City for a variety of reasons, but it’s definitely true for the theatre scene. London’s West End is home to shows for every type of theatre-goer, from the super popular musicals and Disney shows to super new and innovative plays in small theatres.

Dec 3 4:53pm

Planes, Trains, Buses…OH MY (Part 2)

Post by Micah Doctolero


Dec 3 4:48pm

Planes, Trains, Buses…OH MY (Part 1)

Post by Micah Doctolero

“You’ll probably miss a train or get lost in Paris,” they said. And, I’m telling you (from first-hand experience) they weren’t wrong.

Dec 3 7:29am

International Travel In Europe

Post by Melanie Garza

Bonjour! This time I’m saying hello in French because I wanna talk about traveling outside of your study abroad country. I can only really speak to the students studying in Europe since that’s where I’ve been, but hopefully this is a lot of you because Europe is beautifullll.

Dec 3 6:43am

Holidays Abroad: London Style

In this blog, I am talking about being in a different country for the holidays. I was able to experience a different version of the holidays, while also sharing personal traditions to how I celebrate.

Dec 2 7:56pm

Gone Fishin': Amazon Edition

Post by Rachel Seyler

You know what they say, the worst day of fishing is still better than the best day of school... except this was the best day of fishing and school!