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When Life Gives You One Zillion Lemons

26 Sep 2016

Last weekend, I headed to Amalfi with IES Abroad. Everyone always raves about the absurd beauty of Amalfi, but it turns out seeing is believing. I've attached a small selection of photos that I believe represent our lemon-scented weekend well. First stop was Reggia di Caserta, where a lovely and enthusiastic tour guide named Vincent led us through the beautiful rooms of the palace, said to be Napoli's answer to Versailles. I thought it was better. Favorite things include: Murano glass chandeliers and silk-lined walls. The gardens were enormous. Would recommend. 

Next up, we hopped back on the bus and made our way to Sorrento to eat some of the most delicious seafood I've ever had. Those fearful of tentacles had a bit of an adventure, but it was a tasty one. Checked into hotel and had a bit of time to explore before dinner. I personally loved Sorrento, I think it was my favorite place we stopped on the trip. Although clearly a bit touristy, it has a different vibe than Amalfi that I really enjoyed. It was also a great place to get going on Christmas shopping if your family enjoys the smell of lemons. We had another delicious meal in Sorrento for dinner, see photo of pasta/clams in gallery. Again, speaking only for myself, I could have licked the plate. 

Saturday was an early morning- 7am was a bit tough, but absolutely worth it as we were headed to Positano and Amalfi. After a fantastic spread at the hotel, our group boarded the bus for some swervy turns and beautiful overlooks on the road to Positano. Positano was very cute, again quite lemony. We had the chance to see the town from our boat trip to Amalfi, a postcard view of the coast. The boat ride to Amalfi was a really great perk of the trip that gave us all a new perspective on the geography and history of the coast, thanks to our tour guide. Within Amalfi, I enjoyed once again spending all of my lifeguarding money on purchasing stationery and paper made from an ancient paper mill in operation since the 1300s. It's 100% cotton and very soft, I do not regret my decisions at all. We also did a bit of exploring Amalfi, the cathedral, the various shops, and encountering a few nativity scenes here and there.

Thank you so much to everyone at IES Abroad who planned and helped run this trip. It was an unparalleled experience that I would not ever have planned myself because I am super lazy.

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