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Things I Bought With Money I No Longer Have

December 25, 2016

1. A conservative estimate of 47 pizzas from my favorite joint in Prati, Napul'e ( One time, my friend Carl brought me a pizza from Napul'e, but I accidentally fell asleep while I was waiting for the pizza and also Carl. He waited outside for 20-30 minutes. I felt so bad but I was so happy to have pizza. Carl is a great person.

2. Enough gelato to kill a small horse, or at least take 10-15 years off my life (a price I am very willing to pay). See my other blog about eating your feelings in order to learn more about my deeply rooted issues with gelato. Thank you to everyone who came with me to get gelato and never told me that I was consuming a worrisome amount. You are all good people @Hannah Bashevkin @Alexa Blanton @Darby Lansdowne etc.

a. La Romana (

b. Gelateria del Teatro (

3. A ChocoCard at Eurochocolate in Perugia, which enabled me to run around the festival like a rabid toddler in order to acquire any and all available samples (

4. Not enough chocolate cappuccini from my favorite coffee shop in the entire world (


6. Low on funds, I sold my soul for beautiful/handmade/incredible stationery at:

a. Cartoleria Pantheon, Rome (

b. Scriba, Venice (

c. Il Papiro, Various Locations (

d. Amalfi coast stationery shops- learn about the cool history of Amalfi's paper press! It certainly helped me trick myself into thinking that I was wealthy enough to do the spending of money that I did!!!!! (

*Thank you again to those who did not murder me any time I saw a stationery store and got accidentally sucked into it.*

7. Many bottles of 18 euro cent water from my favorite grocery store of all time, Simply!!!!

8. A few bottles of cooking wine (also from Simply!!!) that accidentally ended up not being used for cooking!!! I am sorry to my body and organs.

9. Three combo Forum/Colossem tickets- I accidentally never went in the Colosseum though.

10. Hummus

11. Pasta to go, an invention that we as a country should be funding. We have deeply erred. 

12. Horrible, horrible, horrible food in the Brussels airport during the layover from hell

13. The best Irish breakfast of my life in Dublin (

14. A ticket to see the mummies at St. Michan's

15. A ticket to venerated Leprechaun Museum. I learned a lot.

16. A very good piece of Sachertorte at Demel in Vienna.

17. A 4 euro scarf that I purchased after overestimating my tolerance for frigid weather

18. A rainbow umbrella that my mom so harshly abandoned in the Vatican museums so that we could avoid the line to get into St. Peter's Basilica

19. Delectable and unidentifiable street food in Budapest that will remain in my thoughts and arteries forever

20. Three to four bottles of holy water from the Vatican, because based on recent events in my life, I'll be needing all the liquid courage I can get

21. A confusing and perpetually different amount of money to Vodafone each month for some unclear service they provided to me

22. Something from every independent bookstore I ever entered (my favorite:

23. For some reason, Italian food in Amsterdam.

24. Cufflinks made out of vintage Versace buttons at a cool hip market ( for cool hip teens, shown to me by my cool hip teen friend Carl (he is not really a teen anymore, they grow up so fast)

25. Pasta with bolognese sauce in Bologna because I'm an authentic ragazza!!!! Thank you @Naiara @Regan @Rachel Conway 

26. Many, many, many pastries from Dolce Maniera, or the overnight/24 hour bakery. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.

I hope you all heed this blog as a warning to leave some space in your bags and to work extra hours at your minimum wage job! In bocca al lupo!

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