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Pizza & Pompeii

19 Sep 2016

Hello fabulous readers, it's me, spontaneous weekend trip girl. One night last week when my brain had a little bit of trouble turning off before bed, I remembered that I am living in Rome and therefore only a little over an hour from pizza heaven and fascinating history. Shortly after, I booked myself train tickets and a hostel for a solo trip to Naples. Some of you may be wondering if I am insane or seeking out trouble as a female traveling alone. Fear not- I actually had an extremely pleasant weekend regardless of my solitude and gender. Incidentally, my roommate Sasha had also planned to travel to Naples that weekend- remember folks, communication is key! We ended up spending Saturday in Pompeii together, where it was a blessing to have a companion to take stunning pictures of me and also of the important historical stuff.

I was essentially in Naples for two full days. The first day, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look around The Archaeological Museum, a thorough and impressive collection of some of the finer things found in Pompeii. If you’re planning a trip to Pompeii, I would highly recommend a stop by the museum first. I could have spent ten hours in The Archaeological museum. They have everything from statues to mosaics to a room full of erotic art, an interesting theme in the ancient city of Pompeii. While admiring a statue, I was approached by an older man in the museum. He began to speak to me (in Italian) about the history of the statue and began to show me around the rest of the museum. I learned that his name was Mauro and that he had lived in Naples for his entire life. He was highly knowledgeable about Pompeii and each individual work of art. He spoke no English, which was a great opportunity for me to practice and learn a bit more Italian. I feel that individual traveling is vital in order to have chance encounters like this, and would highly recommend it.

Pompeii was every adjective in the book. It’s historical, it’s beautiful, it’s incredible, it evoked emotions I didn’t know I had. Sasha and I could hardly speak sometimes, we were just totally in awe. One of my Italian classes at Tulane heavily focused on the history and significance of Pompeii, and to learn about the site in person was an unparalleled experience. To admire the frescoes from centuries ago B.C., to see the casts taken of children, adults, and even dogs frozen in time and death- it’s impossible to describe how fortunate I feel to be able to see it all firsthand. Although the specific sites of Pompeii were awe-inspiring, one of my favorite moments was just looking over the city and Vesuvius, admiring the beauty of a city so tragically destroyed and yet miraculously preserved at the same time. My words certainly can’t do it justice, and neither can pictures, but yet here we are. I hope you enjoy seeing Pompeii through my eyes.*


*May include traces of delicious pizza

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