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Eating Your Feelings Abroad

24 Oct 2016

Although I’ll be the first to tell you that studying abroad is the best decision that I have ever made and that I have no regrets about my choice, it’s not always easy. It’s a little difficult to be thousands of miles away from your family and friends when something goes wrong. If you’re pickpocketed, you get a bad grade, your significant other breaks up with you, or you just have a normal bad day, it’s hard to know where to turn in a city where you suddenly feel very small and very alone. This blog is intended to deal with handling your emotions while abroad. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Step 1: Locate 2-4 euros.

Step 2: Find your way to La Romana, Gelateria del Teatro, Venchi, Giolitti, or your favorite gelato establishment

Step 3: Eat gelato, feel less sad

Bonus Step: Say "yes" when you are asked if you would like your cone filled with chocolate at La Romana

Please see gallery for photographic evidence that this method works.

Best flavors, in my own personal opinion, no particular order:

White chocolate & Basil from Gelateria del Teatro

White peach & Lavender from Gelateria del Teatro

Garden sage and Raspberry from Gelateria del Teatro

Crema della Nonna from Gelateria del Teatro

Chocolate and Wine from Gelateria del Teatro

Bacio di Dama con Mandorle Tostate from La Romana

Mascarpone al Caffè con Cioccolato Fondente from La Romana

Biscotto della Nonna from La Romana

Lampone from from La Romana

Pesto di Pistacchio from La Romana

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