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You’re from New Jersey? That’s so cool!

13 Mar 2013

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would ever hear the words New Jersey and cool in the same sentence. It must be a million and one years because it has happened. I am into my second week of classes and tutorials are in effect. What are tutorials you ask? They usually happen after a lecture, and it is basically the lecturer, yourself, along with a small group of people breaking down the information that you have learned in the lecture. My tutorial for my Cultural Studies class has about 25 people. Almost everyone but me and one other girl is international.

When asked to breakdown into small groups and introduce ourselves, I started with my name. Since my name is odd and people don’t really know where it’s from, a girl asked where I was from. I said New Jersey and I got the best reaction I have gotten by far! I heard gasps coming from the whole tutorial with oohs and ahhs. It was awesome. They kept asking me questions and it was great. One girl even asked if I knew people in New Jersey because she had a friend there. It was incredible. I told them that I went to a university outside of NJ and that I went to Penn State which brings me to the next awesome thing that happened.

The professor came by group and asked who went to Penn State. I raised my hand. He went onto say that he had actually visited State College and that he fell in love with the campus and the town. It astonished him that State College is a town filled with college students in absolutely the middle of nowhere.

I can gladly say that today has been awesome! Definitely looking forward to my next Cultural Studies class!


G’day guidos and guidettes!

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