Slamming Of The Tam

I’m going to try to take you on a journey with this post so buckle up your seat belt and lets begin.

I remember the first time I tried pizza with ranch dressing and it was absolutely revolutionary. If you’ve ever tried pizza with ranch you will know and if you haven’t, go order some pizza right now and ask for a side of ranch. What I have tried recently surpassed this revolutionary taste by kilometers. I tried a Tim Tam slam.

What is a Tim Tam slam you ask? Well first let me explain what a Tim Tam is. Tams, as I like to call them, are a chocolate biscuit made by the Arnott’s company. They come in many flavors and cannot be found in the states. I repeat, once I leave Australia, there will be no Tams. This in my opinion is the biggest reason why they are so appealing to me, other than the fact that I’m an extreme sweet tooth.

A Tim Tam slam is something that a very bright person thought of. This person decided to bite the opposite ends of the Tam and use it as a straw to drink a hot beverage. This beverage can be coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever you want. The original is done with tea and it tastes absolutely delicious. The gooey center of the Tam melts into the tea and the tea becomes swirled with chocolatey goodness.

There’s no going back. As if I already needed another reason to finish a box of Tams in one sitting.