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Ode to Sydney

1 Jul 2013

Sydney, Australia; where do I begin?
Before I traveled here I used to be thin.
My hair was long and my skin was white,
I am no longer the same, no not quite.

I traded my bun for a much shorter ‘do,
said “Yes!” when handed a plate of kangaroo.
Now I’ve changed my diet to stricly no meat,
All I could think was, “What did I just eat?”

Got sun burnt in Manly from head to toe,
UV index is stronger here, little did I know.
I had a swolen ankle due to a nasty slip,
Wore a brace throughtout my spring break trip.

I swam with Crush, Nemo, and Dory,
Jumped from 50 meters, Oh the glory!
Worked well as a unit rowing a raft boat,
But nothing beats the Daintree, ziplining has my vote.

Hiked for endless hours through the mountains of blue,
Turned 21 in Sydney, now on my way to 22.
Conquered the train system, en route to Crows Nest,
Learned how to get everywhere, north, south, east or west.

I know what you are thinking, keep your mind at bay
There is no 42 Wallaby Way.
Took a while, the sadness did really struck,
But I got front row tickets to Ellen, just my luck.

Bondi to Coogee, I walked along the coast,
Pancakes on the Rocks, I’ll miss you the most.
The Opera House & Bridge have a place in my heart too,
But I’ll never forget when I hugged a koala at the zoo.

Vivid lit up Sydney, the festival of lights,
Darling Harbour at night time, the greatest of all sites.
Made many new friendships that I hope last forever,
Will never forget my time here, no not ever.

Nothing would have been the same without my friends, the best
Now onto a long flight home, it’s finally time to rest.
The experiences lived, the memories never forgotten,
Thanks to my parents, Sydney’s the greatest gift I’ve gotten.


See ya in the states, mate.

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