Maybe I Should Start Packing

For months and months I have been waiting for this moment to arrive and finally, it’s here. Tomorrow I’ll be on a plane on route to Sydney, Australia for 23 hours but today, I’m staring at my suitcase thinking of what to pack. I’ve got the essentials toothbrush and toothpaste, passport, shoes, and clothes. Probably too much clothes. Way more than I can fit in just one suitcase. The airline (Qantas) allows me to check in two bags each at 32 kg or 50 lbs for us Americans. The IES Predeparture Information packet says “You will have to carry your own luggage, so do not pack more than you can carry and fit in the trunk of a small taxi. If you cannot carry your luggage up a flight of stairs by yourself, you are packing too much.” So I can truthfully say that I am a tad bit confused as to what to pack and how much to pack, but I have to decide soon because there is a 6:30 PM Qantas Airlines ticket with my name on it. Can’t wait to be down under!