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Manly, Coogee, Bondi

21 Feb 2013

Three days and three beaches explored. Time has been moving incredibly fast since I’ve landed in Sydney. It has only been five days since I’ve been here but it feels more like 50. Everyday is packed with lots to do. Three out of those five days that I’ve been here were spent at the beach. You can’t come to Australia and not go to a beach. The first beach that was explored was Manly Beach and I will never ever forget my time spent there that is for sure. My skin is still recovering from the burns and over exposure. Apparently the whole in the ozone layer is directly above Australia and people get very easily burnt and let me tell you, SPF 30+ is definitely not enough. Although I applied sunscreen three times, I still managed to get badly burnt.

The second beach, Coogee was easy to get to. There is a bus that takes you directly to the beach and the bus stop is just a few steps away. If I wasn’t burnt I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed Coogee but all I did was sit in the shade and watch people pass by.

The third beach, Bondi, was definitely my favorite out of the three. It was simply amazing. The water was cool, the sand was beautiful, and the waves were manageable. It took two buses and a train to get to but it was great.

I guess I can say, even though my skin was burnt to a crisp it was totally worth it!

G’day mate!


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