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Listen Closely, Don’t Be Fooled

6 May 2013

Well, I feel all sorts of cheated on after what I found out, but first, a little back story.

Ever since 2006, come winter, my feet have enjoyed the soft warm embrace of UGGs. Don’t get me wrong. I love summer and everything it has to offer but once I ditch the flip flops and slip on a pair of UGGs, I am in heaven. Yes, many people call them fugly or fuglies because they don’t look pleasing to the eye but myself, along with a huge population of people worldwide, love them! And to this day I have thought that UGG Australia was an Australian brand and that UGGs were produced in Australia and also everyone here would be wearing them. Wrong, wrong, and even more wrong.

The term “ugg” comes from the Aboriginal people of Australia and it means boots. An ugg is basically a type of boot that people just wear around here. Whereas UGG Australia is a brand based out of California who manufactures pricey sheep skin boots called UGGs.

This is going to be upsetting news for all of my family members that wanted me to bring them UGGs from Australia. I guess I can be witty and buy a pair of authentic uggs, not the name brand.

The real question is, does this mean there are no Outback Steakhouses in Australia? – Just kidding!


See you later alligators!

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