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Two Days Until Sydney!

June 7, 2015

Honestly, I am so excited for this experience. I've always wanted to study abroad and with my older brother always pushing for it to happen, I'm just glad my parents got on board. They were a little wary at first, but eventually loosened up to the idea when my brother and I told them about all the new experiences and all the things I could learn from being in a new environment. So it's really thanks to him that I get to go.


(My brother, David, and I in his office for St. Patrick's Day)

I'm actually still in school. In fact, there is still one Chinese final and one final paper for English standing in my way. But honestly not even that can bring down my excitement level for going to Sydney.

As I look forward to this experience, I cannot help but also look back at my year. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to go to Northwestern and am definitely going to miss it for the summer.

So this post is gonna be a little nostalgic.

First, to my roommate, Cami.


(My roommate and I take naps simultaneously)

Thanks for always keeping this room full of laughter and always being down to order ridiculous amounts of food with me at any hour of the day.

Secondly, football season.


(Kristina, Ethan, Alden, and I)



(Northwestern at Notre Dame)

Northwestern beat Wisconsin AND Notre Dame this year.We're not known for our football program, but this year we managed to pull off some pretty insane wins. The one on top is after we stormed the field after beating Wisconsin. It was honestly incredible that we won considering they ended up finished second in conference after OSU (Go Bucks, I am from Ohio after all) and then the Buckeyes take home a National Championship.The one on the bottom was taken at Notre Dame. We won in overtime, it was stunning. All in all, I was a very happy football fan this year.

I also managed to get this really cool picture of Ryan Field at our homecoming game.


(Ryan Field, Homecoming game)

We lost this game, if I remember correctly, because our quarterback slipped on the last play. Classic Northwestern, still gotta love them though.

Third, it has to be the city. Northwestern is located about a half hour north of the actual city of Chicago, so we get to go into the city quite often to explore.



(Chicago Intersection)


Chicago Skyline and the frozen lake)

I absolutely adore this city. There's always something going on, from ice skating at the Bean, to music festivals, to plays, and fantastic food. Chicago is never boring.

Northwestern's campus also has some pretty stunning views.


(Lake Michigan)

Northwestern's campus is really small, like probably less than one square mile, but it's actually not bad looking. Lake Michigan is especially gorgeous. I'm obsessed with it, I've taken and Instagrammed at least four separate pictures of the exact same scene.

I am definitely going to miss being here and it's going to be hard to say goodbye to all my friends for the summer, but I am definitely looking forward to all that Sydney and this experience has to offer. I cannot wait to explore, take pictures, eat, learn, and immerse myself into a new culture. 

Sydney, I'll be seeing you soon!

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