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Freiburg and the Schwarzwald

18 Jun 2017

This weekend was a fun-filled weekend serving as a break from all the studying that I have been doing. My term papers and exams are this week, and the last week or two I have spent a lot of time writing papers and studying and did not have much time for fun stuff and traveling. The IES Abroad program is coming to an end, but I will be staying until July due to having an internship and University course but that means that most of my classes will be finished soon and half of the members of my program will be headed back to America. I can't believe how fast this program has gone.  

As for class work, I still have to work on studying and paper writing, but I took a two-day break to relax and do some fun activities. This weekend I did some hiking, saw some friends, and cooked some German food.


This weekend I had the ability to explore some of the Schwarzwald. Freiburg is a city right next to the Schwarzwald, and before this weekend I haven't been able to explore that much of it yet.  I have already done one hike at Feldberg a few weeks ago, but I was able to hike around Schauinsland this weekend, which is in the area from Freiburg. Previous to hiking here I have also hiked at Schlossberg multiple times, and also did that yesterday, so my legs today are quite tired.


Following my trip to Schauinsland, we relaxed with cooking some traditional German food. We made Käse Spätzle and Schnitzel from scratch. It took a bit of time to make but it was definitely worth it cause it was super tasty. We also had 5 people sharing the work so it wasn't too much work for anyone too. It will be nice having a few recipes to cook back in the US.


On Saturday I also had a good time in Freiburg and the region. My friend from Spain visited me and brought a few of his friends with. I showed them around Freiburg, we did traditional things such as sitting in Seepark, eating on the Münsterplatz and hiking a bit around the Schlossberg. We also took a little trip to Titisee where we ate Black Forest Cherry Cake and went paddle boating.


I had an eventful and stress-free weekend but now I need to finish up my papers and continue studying.

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