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Packed Weekend Part I: Harajuku + Tokyo Coffee Festival Autumn 2017 + Namaste India 2017

2 Oct 2017

Saturday | September 23rd 2017 | Harajuku - Shibuya

Okay, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted. I’m sorry! Moving on…

Last weekend, there were two huge festivals held in the Shibuya ward in Tokyo. In preparation, we started off the day with lunch at Kaffir Lime, ordering Pad Thai because we’re basic, and of course we just had to explore Cat Street on our way over to Yoyogi Park.

Tokyo_Pad Thai_Allen Chen.jpg


We stopped into a super secret Kendama shop on Cat Street known to locals and professional Kendama players. They were nice enough to give us a quick tutorial into this popular street game. Check out Iwano-san's Instagram!

Tokyo_Kendama_Allen Chen.jpg


Tokyo_Kendama close up_Allen Chen.JPEG


Coming from Los Angeles, I was missing some quality boba and Gong Cha did not disappoint. I got my classic Passion Fruit Black Tea with Boba, but here in Japan they refer to it either as Pearls or Tapioca. 

Tokyo_Boba_Allen Chen.jpg


And this is lowkey embarrassing, but we found a beautiful emerald green wall outside of Ralph Lauren so we had to stop for some pictures. 

Tokyo_Green Wall 1_Allen Chen.jpg


Tokyo_Green Wall 2_Allen Chen.JPEG


There was also a homemade candy shop, and we stepped in at the perfect time to watch the candy connoisseur work his magic!

Tokyo_Candy_Allen Chen.png


Missing LA Part 2: Saw avocado. Embraced. Took picture. 

Tokyo_Avocado_Allen Chen.jpg


After a few too many pit stops, we finally made it to the infamous coffee festival. The Tokyo Coffee Festival is a seasonal event that invites coffee-loving vendors and brewers to share their craft with the community. They partner up with a local farmer’s market so basically we were surrounded by delicious coffee, food trucks, various food stands, and even live music.

While there were many food trucks, my attention was caught by this adorable "coffee book" truck — pun intended!

Tokyo_Book Truck_Allen Chen.jpg


Tokyo_Coffee Book_Allen Chen.jpg


Can you feel his passion for coffee through the photo?!

Tokyo_Coffee Guy_Allen Chen.jpg


Tokyo_Coffee Beans_Allen Chen.jpg


Forget about diet today! Eat ribs!

Tokyo_Ribs Joke_Allen Chen.jpg


Live electronic/tech music. Very trippy and weird. Totally fit the eclectic aesthetic of the overall event. 

Tokyo_Live Music_Allen Chen.jpg


The same day, there was an Indian cultural festival in Yoyogi Park called Namaste India. For a brief history, this festival is the biggest Indian festival in Japan, showcasing Indian food, culture, dance, and music.

Tokyo_Indian Food_Allen Chen.jpg


Tokyo_Group_Allen Chen.JPEG


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at both of these festivals, and I can’t wait to check out other festivals during my time here in Japan. Since Tokyo is such a large urban space, there’s always something to check out. That said… it’s very important to take it slow and give back to the community as well. Check out Part 2 of this blog!

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