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Luna Park Visit

4 Apr 2014

Another week has passed. The days seems to be flying by and it is crazy to think that I’ve been in Sydney for over a month now. Classes are getting interesting and I’m actually enjoying them. My international business classes are full of international and exchange students and it’s great to meet people from all over the world. Less than half of the students in my International Business Strategy tutorial are from Australia. There is one guy that is from Ukraine and has lived most of his life in Japan, now studying abroad in Australia for a year. My finance class is at least 75% Asian. Sydney is truly the most culturally diverse city I have ever been to. I’m never sure what language someone will speak.
I started playing with the lawn tennis team this week. It was a scorching afternoon, but my roommate and I got to hit for a while. The grass definitely slows the ball down and changes its bounce height. Our first few shots were not our best.
Keeping up with my weekly adventures (at least once a week I will do or see something new), I went to Luna Park today. Luna park was first built in 1935. It has a long history of closing down for months because of unsafe rides (no worries, I survived) or noise pollution complaints and moving to different destinations , but it has now been open since 2004 by the Harbour right across from Darling Harbour and the Opera House. It is the well known giant face and has been the location of many movies and tv shows. The government actually protects the park and its buildings for their cultural and historical significance. I went with a huge group of friends, with an unlimited ride pass. They are all older and smaller rides, but it was a great night. My head aches from all of the spinning! There was this one ride that looks like a giant washing machine (the ones that you put clothes in the top). The ride spins so fast that you are stuck to the wall and then they lower the floor so that you are hanging on the wall held up only by the centripetal force. Great idea for a ride! It was a lot of fun.


Tomorrow I will hopefully get a lot of studying done! And maybe get to go to the beach on Sunday or Monday!!

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