Bondi – Coogee BeachWalk

It’s spring break! Finally some time to deviate from the routine schedule of school and homework!  The teachers have been working us hard and this break couldn’t have come soon enough.
To kick off the break, I spent the beautiful sunny day at the beach. There is a famous beach walk that takes you from Bondi to Coogee beach in about 2 hours. The views are gorgeous and you come along many smaller beaches on the way. One part of the walk we had to climb across and in between huge rocks. It was adventurous and with the help of a kind stranger that showed us where to step safely, we made it to Coogee in one piece. This is definitely a must-do when visiting Sydney!
The water was very rough today, probably still brewing from the storm that hit up north. Although the temperature was okay to swim, I decided not to because of the strong current. Beautiful day anyway and I will definitely be back to swim before it gets too cold.

So many shades of blue <3