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Victoria in Vienna

A small town Florida girl, my passion for anthropology took me to the bustling hub that is Atlanta, Georgia and is now taking me to the antiquated and beautiful Vienna, Austria. Compelled to write anecdotes and real-life narratives, blogging will be my diary as I discover and embark on a caffeine fueled and culturally invigorating adventure far from any that I have experienced.

Term: Fall 2017
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Clewiston, FL
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Emory University
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Favorite thing about going abroad?

The earliest continuous habitation of Vienna dates back to 500BC, two-thousand and five hundred years before the incorporation of my hometown and roughly two-thousand years prior to the declaration of the United States of America. I am thrilled that I am going to be able to call Vienna, Austria my place of study and playground for the upcoming semester as never before have I had the opportunity to visit and live in such an antiquated and culturally established environment.

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