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Aidan in Multi-Location: Buenos Aires & Santiago

I'm a New York City born and Long Island raised lover of food, travel and culture who currently goes to college right outside of Boston, Massachusetts! One of my favorite hobbies has to be reading and I spend every summer dedicating myself to a very intensive reading list.

Term: Fall 2017

All about Aidan

Where I'm From: 
Long Island, NY
My Home University: 
Babson College
My Major: 
Business Administration

Favorite thing about going abroad?

FOOD! I know it comes off as cliche but I consider myself a foodie 100%! I am always the friend that is encouraging my friend group to go out to eat and try a new and unfamiliar cuisine and it's definitely one aspect of South America  that I am looking forward to. I think food is a great outlook and window into a culture and it is a way to get you past that surface level into the deeper meaning of what drives their relationships and society. A nice meal and conversation is everything to me!

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