Jason Renner

Washington and Lee University
Shanghai - Economy, Business & Society

I love storytelling because of the unique narrative style that each author has, be it through prose or poetry. In a time where understanding each other is of the utmost importance, you can usually learn the most about a person through their work and writing. I value my own distinctive voice, and I hope to share my experiences and convey the knowledge and wisdom I gain from my time abroad through a blog or another platform.

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September 11, 2017

After spending one entire week in Shanghai, China, I have observed and absorbed a lot so far. First of all, this city is enormous. The sheer size of Shanghai is incredible, and no U.S. city comes close to rivaling it.

August 13, 2017

Only 21 days separate me from finally being in Shanghai, China, to study abroad for an entire semester. To simply say I am anxious would not fully summarize my thoughts on the experience I am about to face.