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Danielle in Quito

I'm Dani - a leftie, a henna artist, and a wannabe world-traveler. My passion for exploring began when I was 10: taking inspiration from Indiana Jones, I fancied myself "Indiana Dani." Ecuador will be my second time studying abroad, as I spent a semester last year in Granada, Spain. I'm hooked, and hope to one day work in this industry!

Term: Fall 2017
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All about Danielle

Where I'm From: 
Tacoma, WA
My Home University: 
Pacific Lutheran University
My Major: 
Hispanic Studies

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am looking forward to revisiting my beginnings with a new perspective. I visited Ecuador when I was 15, and that trip is what inspired me to pursue Hispanic Studies at a university level. I expect that coming full-circle with my gained knowledge will bring new understanding to this transformative culture.

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