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Mary Katherine in Barcelona

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas and by the 3rd grade I knew I loved speaking Spanish. While my skills have come from learning the colors of the rainbow to reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Spanish culture and language has always been a part of my education. Both English and Spanish have been clear interests of mine throughout my adolescence, and both allow me to communicate in different ways while stretching to understand what is around me.

Term: Fall 2017
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Sewanee - The University of the South
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Favorite thing about going abroad?

I have always loved Spanish and seeing how far I have grown in my studies. In high school I was able to experience my first immersion opportunity in Guanacaste Costa Rica where I served local beach communities with Global Leadership Adventures. I was able to use my spanish to make friends with those I worked beside. Fast forward to college and now minoring in Spanish with a major in English, I value immersion all the more. Last summer I took part in Sewanee's summer in Spain program where we took 4 weeks of classes,( 2 weeks in Madrid, and 2 here in Sewanee), followed by El Camino de Santiago. We learned about art, architecture, and medieval Spain before living in a homestay in Madrid where we took classes under Antonio Momplet. Professor Momplet took us all around Madrid and the surrounding areas where we were able to identify that which we had been taught in the classroom. Hiking El Camino was an experience of a lifetime where I truly realized that I adore Spain and its culture just as much as I adore the spanish language itself.