Maria Presper

Loyola University Chicago
Nantes - French Language Immersion & Area Studies

I'm a second year student at Loyola University Chicago studying French and Pre-Medicine. I love to read, travel, and draw in my free time.

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October 1, 2017

When you're given the chance to visit an isolated monastery on an island in the middle of the ocean and a fortified coast city, the answer is always yes.

September 15, 2017

After two weeks, I think that I'm beginning to replace the title of "Tourist/Student" and for the title of "Native/Student". At first, it was difficult hearing only French sun up to sun down, but now I'm more used to it and am actually surprised when I hear someone around me speak English.

September 3, 2017

This past weekend, the IES Abroad Nantes students took a petite voyage to Vannes and the Golf de Morbihan to learn more about the rich past of France and its beauty.

August 14, 2017

As my departure date for France steadily comes closer, I find myself wondering more and more if I'm packing the right things, if my French is good enough, and whether or not I'm fit for the European lifestyle. However, with websites like Pinterest available to give me sage advice on clothes, I think I might be prepared enough to brave this new adventure.