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Rosemary Newsome

Texas Christian University
Nice Direct Enrollment - SKEMA: Science, Engineering & Business

My name is Rosemary Newsome, and I am studying abroad in Nice, France! I study finance and political science at TCU. For me, there is always something new out there to learn, make, do or play, and studying abroad in Nice offers a whole new arena in which I can do that. If you want to learn about the triumphs & trials of a bright-eyed, goofy, restless, and French cuisine-loving girl, follow me as I immerse myself in the culture of a Riviera lifestyle!

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January 15, 2017

€4,50 by the way, if you're wondering the price. That's not really the point of this short story though. Let me back up a little. The point of this of this story begins with a girl on a mission.

January 1, 2017


My name is Rosemary Newsome and I am studying abroad in Nice, France in Spring 2017.