Robrenisha Williams

Barnard College - Columbia University
Multi-Location - Emerging Economies: Buenos Aires & Santiago

I'm a Political Economics major in her third year in college. I originate from New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in Seattle, Washington, so I love to cook and bake, as well as hike. I try to be a politically active black female and enjoy going to poetry slams and readings; I even have a secret dream of performing at one some day. I have a love for movies and novels alike.

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September 11, 2017

We’re standing in line, rather a mob, waiting to get into the building – I start to prepare myself for the cirque du sole of Argentina.

But I wasn’t ready…

August 19, 2017

A few months ago my best friend and I discovered we would both be in Argentina this fall. We excitedly began dreaming up all of the things we would do while there Our future adventures consumed us and we found a way to weave them into every conversation (it was quite annoying I bet).