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Photo Set October: 1/2

October 11, 2017

Wow life has been moving fast. I can’t believe I’m pretty much half way done! Here is a hurriedly assembled collection of pictures that I wrangled together between midterm study sessions.

In this photo set I give you both pictures from my every day, “boring,” Parisienne life as well as pictures from outings I take. For example, I went to the Louvre with a group of friends in my program. And I also won the “Points Game” as I like to call it, and got to go see the Mozart opera Cossi fan tutti! (if you do things like activities the program approves of you win points and you can be chosen to receive prizes. I’ve won twice so far and I got a t-shirt and tickets to go to the opera!) I also accidentally ended up walking through a manifestation. It was kinda scary and I really just wanted to find a working metro station that would bring me home, but I managed to snap some cool pictures during my search.

As always, I will be keeping my eyes and camera open to things I think are worthy of sharing with every one back home and the rest of the world. Allons-y!

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