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September 22, 2016

Collegio di Milano

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#1 for student accommodations in Milan
“Loved this place!”
“Would return!” 

When people ask me where I’m living during my time abroad, it’s always assumed that a) I’m living in an apartment with other students on my program or b) a homestay. Alternatively, I’m not living in either of these places and instead at Collegio di Milano. I briefly mentioned this in my last blog post but I will now go into greater detail about what living here is like. 

Before going abroad, I knew that I wanted to choose a living option that would help me to completely immerse myself in Italian culture and force me to speak the language. After doing some research, the Collegio seemed perfect because not only would I get this experience, but I would also get the chance to live with other Italian students around my age. There are about 100 students that live here and since most are native Italians, they know all the secrets hidden inside this amazing country and more importantly, in Milan. Not to mention everyone here is incredibly nice and is always willing to help, from your Italian homework to giving you a list of the hot spots for night life in the city. There is a great feeling of community and I have met many amazing people already. My favorite part about living here so far is eating meals in the dining hall. Unlike at my university where there’s many separate tables and everyone groups off to eat meals, at Collegio everyone always sits together at one long table, sort of like a family dinner. It had made this feel like a home away from home and gives a perfect opportunity to practice conversing in Italian. 

In terms of amenities, the Collegio has everything you could possibly need. There is a gym, laundry room, communal kitchen, hang-out rooms, study spaces, a library, dining hall, sports fields, and even a doctor. During the week, breakfast and dinner are provided and on the weekends lunch as well. The Collegio also offers extracurricular courses, sort of like clubs that you can join in the arts and other areas.The location of Collegio is also extremely convenient, as there is a metro stop 3 minutes away and the commute to the IES Abroad center from door-to-door is about 12 minutes (yes, I timed it). There is a grocery store, pharmacy, and hospital all only a few blocks from Collegio. Everything is within walking distance and the area has a very suburb-like feel. To the city center is only about 15 minutes by metro and the famous Navigli with all of its great food and night life is only two stops away!

The Collegio provides residents with single rooms and having my own room and bathroom makes living here very comfortable. Even though the room is fairly small, there is more than enough storage space which I wasn’t expecting. Once a week, a cleaning service washes your sheets, takes out the trash, and wipes down the floors. An extra luxury I don’t have at Brandeis... One thing I believe is important to note that I wish I would have known is that overnight guests are not allowed. Although it isn't ideal, it is part of the strict security policy here to ensure that residents are safe. 

If you’re considering living at the Collegio di Milano, I highly recommend applying to do so. Don’t let the application process scare you away! If you want to be surrounded by studious, yet extremely friendly and social people, this is the place for you. I am so happy with my decision to live here and I hope I’ve intrigued you to look further into making the Collegio a temporary home during your time abroad. 

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