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Updates received Spring 2016

Mike Otten, 1954-55 – Mike learned about IES when he was active with the Young Christian Workers movements which were Catholic social action movements located in Chicago. He attended a meeting in Chicago and a friend said she was going to Vienna. Mike never thought he could go because of money. He mentioned it to his mother who replied "You are going, Mike. I will borrow the money." She did, and he went. Upon return, Mike was drafted. Then he attended University California Berkeley in the 1960s. He got a PhD, published two books and became a professor at San Jose State University, CA.

Laurence Murphy, 1968 Fall - After returning from Vienna (68-68) Laurence finished undergraduate work at the University of Oregon. He then returned to Europe, and lived in Paris, where among other occupations, he worked for James Jones, author of From Here to Eternity and The Thin Red Line, taking depositions of Holocaust Survivors and working on a Manuscript by a Polish author on the last four days of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Returning to the States, Laurence went to Graduate School at Rutgers, earning a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. He was a Professor at Temple University's Tyler School of Art where he was Executive Coordinator for the Intellectual Heritage Program. The last decade of his career, he left Tyler for Point Park University in Pittsburgh, where he  was Director of Interdisciplinary Studies. In 2015, Laurence retired and is currently Professor Emeritus. He was also editor of an Arts and Literature journal, ellipses, which is now online at, authored many articles, and now, after retiring, is working manuscripts in philosophy and fiction. Laurence says, “Vienna influenced every dimension of my life.” 

Pamela Saur Nash, 1968-69 – Pamela’s year of study in Vienna was definitely life-changing. She went on to study and teach German language and literature (as well as English and linguistics) and developed a research specialty in Austrian literature. She has returned to Vienna a number of times to participate in literary conferences or conduct research. Her publications include many scholarly articles, German to English translations of four Austrian books, and monographs on Ernst Weiss and Adalbert Stifter. Now in retirement, Pamela is continuing her Austrian scholarship.

Elizabeth Smith-Chavez, 1968-69 - Vienna opened the world for a young girl from the San Fernando Valley, who thought any building over 20 years old was really old. The chance to travel in Europe and the Middle East changed Elizabeth’s life. Since then, she has traveled as much as she could (never enough) from Mongolia to wherever. It is a small world – Elizabeth’s roommate in Vienna (Grace Hitchman McGrath) ended up in San Diego with her. After many years with "Big Law", Elizabeth opened her own firm where she gets to work as little or as much as she wants -- and gets to keep the money for herself. This summer she is headed to Eastern Europe to travel through countries that had different names when she was there.  She cannot wait to see how the area changed. Last year, she spent some time in Vienna – and her husband was dragged from coffee house to beer hall, listening to all of her memories. Next year? Who knows?

Thomas Kalkreuth, 1970-71 – Thomas taught high school German for 35 years.  Occasionally he takes a substitute teaching position in German, in both Ohio and Arizona.

Brian Walls, Spring 1999 - Studying in Vienna started Brian on a journey of learning about people and cultures that has greatly impacted his career as a Physical Therapist.  Learning about and falling in love with the city and the people of Vienna, taught Brian how to meet and relate to individuals of all backgrounds and nationalities. He says, “IES Vienna is always in my heart!”

Drew Schweppe, Fall 2010 – Drew can proudly say that his time studying abroad completely changed him in the best way possible. His total outlook on life, music, and culture changed. Since leaving Vienna in 2010, Drew went on to found his own company, Informusic and launch the world's first ever all-in-one music history resource for smartphones and tablets. Drew’s IES Abroad experience greatly influenced his business.

Updates received Fall 2015

Lyla (Eagle) Dyer, 1963-64 - The year I spent in Vienna has impacted every part of Lyla’s life. As a German teacher, she traveled in Europe many times (frequently with students) and now that she is retired she has travelled worldwide. “My appreciation of the arts was definitely enhanced. Mr. Mowatt's classes on Greek Moral Philosophy made a lasting impression me.”

Margaret May, 1968-69 – Margaret is now retired and living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Barbara Cox, 1990-91 - Barbara and her husband met in graduate school and are both professional social workers, living near Ramstein Air Base in Germany! Barbara is a contractor (social worker) for the US Air Force and her husband is a social worker for the US Army. Living in Europe again for nearly a year has been an adventure! Barbara is no longer complaining about the German classes at IES!

Francesca Jimenez, 2013 Summer - After studying viola and music history in Vienna in summer 2013, Francesca declared a double major in Music with a viola performance concentration and Psychology. Her time in Vienna was another life affirming experience that made it clear she had to keep music in her life. She began to explore other musical opportunities such as a musicology research internship at the University of Chicago in summer 2014. I studied abroad again in Copenhagen during fall 2014. My latest musical experiences have included preparing for my junior recital and currently an internship at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Brynn Walund, 2014 Fall – Studying abroad has completely changed the way Brynn viewed the world. Now, she is looking into programs for a gap year in countries in the EU near where she studied abroad.

Updates received Spring 2015

Charles Woodbeck, 1958 Spring - The exhilaration of shared academic & life experiences with a fascinating cohort ignited a lifetime interest in travel, education and public service.  Charles’s first career was with the military, including the Pentagon, U.S. Ambassador's to NATO staff. During eight years abroad Charles had a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with people in diverse cultures—Greek and Vietnamese languages to add to his German and Spanish. After an M.A. and JD, his next career, as an attorney with the State of Ohio, was rewarding. Now, after 26 military moves, Charles and his wife are enjoying a rewarding post-career life as doting grandparents.

James Marlow, 1958-59 – James has finished editing My Vienna: Days of Drink, Sex, Farce and Death by classmate John Y. Smith.  Available at Amazon, the book recounts events of the year as experienced by diverse Americans, and adds a little fiction to tie the memories together.

Robert John Scheelen, 1964-65 – Robert and his wife have volunteered at Ummeed Child Development Center in Mumbai, India, for three months a year for six years. They are taking a year off and returning in 2016.

Pat Hannon, 1968-69 - After being out of academia for over 41 years, Pat says "I have finally gotten around to getting a Master's degree."  In June 2015, Pat received a Master's in Military History from Norwich University in Vermont.  He found the experience so stimulating that he is now motivated to pursue an LLM in judicial studies from the National Judicial College. 

Barbara Sawyer-Koch, 1970-71 – Barbara married a widowed Philosophy professor who is now in the advanced stage of dementia. She inherited two wonderful children – now in their 30s – one of whom lives in London and one in Mason, MI. In 2000, Barbara retired as Director of Strategic Planning for the Michigan Department of Treasury and have since made several round the world trips, including visits with former MSU student/houseguests and their families.

Audrey Smith, 1981-82 – Audrey has wonderful memories of the people and places during her year in Vienna!

Katy Sullivan, 1988 Spring - Katy grew up in a small town in Vermont and then went to UVM, which was only about 15 minutes from her home.  She always tells people she learned more about the world during her semester in Vienna than she did in the rest of her college career!  Last summer, Katy visited the IES Abroad Vienna Center with her 16-year-old daughter, and had a great time reliving all the memories and showing her her favorite places.

Jennifer Schmidt, 1988 Fall – Jennifer is a Principal Project Manager at DTE Energy.  She has been a part of DTE Gas's state regulatory group since 1996, and working in utility regulation related areas since 1993.  She has lived in Detroit or its suburbs since 1994 and has gotten to experience the amazing changes there since that time. She considers her time at IES Abroad Vienna to be one of the most formative of her life and treasures those memories. Jennifer is still in touch with a few friends from that time and hopes to see others at a reunion.

Randall Hopkins, 1988 Fall – Randall is currently living the dream in Walla Walla, Washington where he operates a small family vineyard and winery. It was while abroad in Europe that Randall started drinking wine and from that point onward he was hooked. He holds very fond memories of Vienna and his travels in Europe.  Randall is still in touch with a few other IES Abroad alumni as the relationships that were formed there are lifelong.  While he has not been back to Vienna since studying abroad, Randall looks forward to the day when he can take his wonderful wife and kids to show them a friendly, historical, and enchanting city. Randall would love to hear from fellow alumni as well as wine lovers!

Mike Licari, 1993 Spring - Mike attended IES Abroad Vienna in the spring of 1993. His experiences in Vienna helped him attain a number of fellowships in graduate school in the mid-1990s.  He has been appointed as Provost at Indiana State University effective July 1, 2015, after spending 14 years as a professor and administrator at the University of Northern Iowa.

Alison Scherzer, 2004 Fall - Alison's study abroad experience in Vienna not only inspired her to pursue a career in classical music, but also fueled her desire to live and work in Europe.  She is currently a freelance opera singer based in Cologne, Germany. She is a soloist in the international opera ensemble The Cast, about which a music documentary film entitled Operatic will be released in May 2015.

Updates received Winter 2015

Martha Dudrow, 1970-71 – After living and working in Boston, Washington DC area, Portland, Maine and Florida, Martha has retired (and as far as she knows, stopped moving!) and is living in Pawleys Island, SC.  She is enjoying volunteering, the love of opera living in Vienna gave her, and living near the ocean.

Tammy Singleton-English, 1984 Fall - Tammy was selected to serve on the Allegheny County Bar Association membership Committee. The goal of the membership committee is to provide valuable services to ACBA members and increase the percentage of lawyers in Allegheny County who are active members of the ACBA. Tammy is an attorney and CPA who focuses her practice in the areas of estate planning, probate/estate administration, income tax work, and small business/real estate matters. Her office is located near South Hills village in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

Updates received Fall 2014

Bernard Wenninger, 1950-51 – Bernard retired after 38 years as high school principal in Germantown, WI/Barrington, IL.

Barbra Vogel Munisteri, 1963-64 – In December 2014 the Vienna class of 1963-64 got together for lunch. There were four of us from this class living in Houston, Texas. Three of us were all able to meet. We are now all over 70 years old and are having rich and cultured lives as a result of our study abroad in Vienna some fifty plus years ago.  C. C. Conner (retired executive Director of the Houston Ballet, Erhard Linnes (German teacher and me, Barbra Vogel Munisteri (still playing the violin in the Houston Civic Symphony and longtime board member with Opera in the Heights) all felt that this international experience into language, music, art and understanding other cultures was a pivotal experience in changing our lives for the better.

Tammy Singleton-English, 1984 Fall - Tammy Singleton-English, Esquire has been nominated as Chair of the Solo and Small Firm Practitioners Section of the Allegheny County Bar Association (ACBA). Tammy also is a member and former board member of the Estate Planning Council of Pittsburgh and a member of the Probate and Trust Section of the ACBA and the Women in Law Division of the ACBA. Tammy is an estate planning attorney and CPA who focuses her legal practice on the areas of estate planning, probate/estate administration, tax, business and real estate. Her office is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

John Eikenburg, 1991-92 – John is raising a son (age 6) and daughter (age 10) with his wife in Houston, Texas; serving as a coach to his son's soccer team and hairdresser to his daughter for ballet performances with the Houston Ballet. In his spare time, he works as in-house counsel to Discover Financial Services establishing networks to facilitate the flow of debit transactions initiated with cards around the globe.

Ford Robertson, 1991-92 – Ford has worked as a Foreign Service Officer since 1998. He and his wife, Marie, are currently in the U.S. Most recently, from 2010-2012, they were posted at the U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv. Their daughter, Abigail, was born in Israel in 2011.  Ford and Marie are expecting their second child in January 2015. They live in Virginia.

Monica Toporkiewicz, 1998 Fall ( Madrid, 1999 Spring) - Monica completed a master’s degree at The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. Currently, she is an International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Department of Commerce – based in the U.S. Commercial Service Chicago office. Their mission is to help U.S. companies export by providing counseling; world class market research; and introductions to qualified buyers and distributors. Monica has not been back to Spain since studying abroad, but met her best friend at IES Abroad Madrid, and they vicariously live through each other's travel adventures.

Christine Ballenger, 2008 Fall - Christine Kuechmann and Russell Ballenger met while on the IES Abroad Vienna music program. After the program, they continued dating, attended the same school for their masters degrees, got engaged, and then married on June 8, 2013, in Tuscaloosa, AL. Currently, Christine is an elementary general music teacher in Tuscaloosa while Russell is the low brass and jazz instructor for the University of Mary, in Bismarck, North Dakota, while also finishing his Doctorate of Musical Arts in Trombone, at the University of Alabama.

Lili Hadsell, 2013 Fall – Lili is working on her Master’s degree at LMU in Munich, Germany.

Updates received Spring 2014

Frank Vargas, 1953-54That school year and the related travel was formative, of who I became as an adult. I had spent 6th grade in Mexico learning a foreign culture and language. The Atlantic crossing was on the Liner Liberte, the former Europa, the 3rd largest passenger liner in the world. It was like the 30s movies. Every night we moved from 3rd, to 2nd, to 1st class. Food, music, and conversation. Once in England we toured Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, North Africa, Italy, and Austria. Museums, lectures, sights. In Vienna, music, operas, plays, and symphonies. Courses at the university and also at the U.S. Army Base. A fellow art student would tutor me on art, others on the reading of classics. We were able to see the Russian troops up close, and observe the difference between their soldiers and ours. For Easter, we spent almost a month in Italy and Sicily. I came home with a great love and attachment to the visual and performing arts. And as a parent, I passed it on to my children. In May 2014, I went to Paris with four of my children and seven grandchildren.”

John Reed, 1964-65 – John received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1970. He went on to practice in government, commercial HMO, private practice, as a large multicity group medical director, in the health services industry, and now is in academics. He received a Masters in Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in 2011.

Mary Kirby, 1968 Spring – Mary’s non-profit closed due to a major lack of funding. She lives in Chicago and is learning the ancient mosaic techniques from a maestro from Ravenna, Italy at the Chicago Mosaic School. Mary enjoys the varied musical scene ranging from classical to the blues. She is also doing research for a publication on the founding and the very earliest years, of the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Her father was MacArthur's lawyer.

Gary Carson, 1969 Spring – Not only did Gary’s experience in Vienna unlock the world of Austria and Europe, it also was pivotal in his maturation, which continues today. After a period of practicing law in his native state of West Virginia, Gary went to work for Pennzoil and later moved to Denver for 17 years, Houston, Tulsa, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and now Kerrville. He simply cannot imagine himself without the IES Abroad experience and his friend Chuck Taylor's encouragement in attending.

Doug Wilhelm, 1972-73 – Doug is a full-time writer and an independent publisher in Weybridge, Vermont.  His 13 novels for young adults include The Revealers (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2003), which has been the focus of reading-and-discussion projects in well over 1,000 middle schools; its sequel, True Shoes (Long Stride Books, 2012), and Doug's newest book, The Prince of Denial (Long Stride, 2013). Read his short remembrance about his time in Vienna on his blog, Reading Matters.

Sarah Wilm Hunter, 1999 Fall - Sarah graduated with honors from Alexandria Technical and Community College with an Associate Degree in Nursing in May 2014. She is currently employed part-time as an RN at Grand Arbor in Alexandria, MN and part-time as an RN with Alternative Senior Care in Sauk Centre, MN.

Caroline Kershner, 2011 Fall – Caroline is currently living in northern Germany and working as an English teaching assistant with the Fulbright Program. Her semester abroad in Vienna introduced her to the Fulbright Program via the teaching internship. She feels fortunate for such an incredible opportunity and is grateful to have studied through IES Abroad.

Kelly McGrath, 2013 Spring – Kelly graduated from the University of Redlands with a BM in Flute Performance and a minor in Math. She plans on returning to Austria in fall 2014.

Katherine Murphy, 2013 Spring – Katherine is a recent graduate of Skidmore College, with a dual degree in Biology and Music. Originally from central Massachusetts, Katherine is planning to move closer to Boston to start a job as a research technical assistant in a lab doing asthma research at Brigham & Women's Hospital, as well as continue her musical studies in flute performance. Katherine’s semester in Vienna offered her the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and explore the world in a way she had never before.

Charles Wise, 2013 Spring – Charles graduated from Vassar College in May 2014 with degrees in Earth Science and German Studies. He is planning to work for a year on a variety of projects and then start a Masters of Science in Geology at the University at Buffalo in 2015 studying volcanoes on Mars.

Updates received Fall/Winter 2013

Jerome Holtzman, 1950 Fall – Jerome is a part of the original IES Abroad class of 1950.  He recently celebrated his 56th year of priesthood with Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD, this includes six years with Maryknoll in Thailand and one semester as Director of Students with IES Abroad, covering for Clarence Giese.

Gene Cohen Tweraser, 1958 Spring – Gene is working for her husband, an Austrian historian, on various projects for publication in Austria.  She has two grown sons, one an IES Abroad alum from Vienna and Freiburg, is now Chair of Foreign Languages & Literature at University of West Georgia.  Gene has three grandchildren, one a serious cellist. To this day, Gene is still in touch with other IES Abroad alumnae from Vienna Spring 1958.

Susan Willett Bird, 1959-60 – Susan is currently living in New York City.

Mary DeBaets, 1964 Spring – Mary retired to Naples, FL.  Playing tennis, biking, beach walking and yoga are keeping her busy.

Barbara Kouw Forman, 1964-65 – Barbara retired in March 2013 after working as an attorney since 1986, most recently as an attorney-referee with the Ottawa County (Michigan) Circuit Court.  Her experiences as a participant in Hope College's Vienna Summer School program in 1964 and continuing as an IES student in Vienna during the fall semester of 1964-65 were life-shaping and forever memorable. She would like to thank everyone who was, and continues to be, involved with IES Abroad!

Patrice Fletcher, 1965-66 – Patrice is now a retired producer from NBC Network News. Winner of four (national) news Emmy Awards. Patrice also worked for CBS News, and in local news. She serves on the board of a Chicago theater company. She took an eight year break to study acting and to perform on Chicago stages before returning to broadcasting.  Patrice continues to study voice, and to indulge in opera, an addiction she acquired in Wien.

Patricia “Trish” Diepenbrock Hargarten, 1966-67 – Trish retired from Dodge & Cox in early 2012 but continues to act as a contractor with the firm for 2-3 months each year. Her husband, who is mostly retired from his legal practice, nonetheless has plenty of pro bono projects, but it still allows them time for a fair amount of traveling – New Zealand and Australia recently and Africa next year. Daily life is filled with volunteer work at their local parish church and the San Francisco Homeless Shelter. A new granddaughter was born to Trish’s third son in September 2013 and a grandson is expected in early February 2014, the first baby for her fourth son.  That will mean five grandchildren in all, so lots of family events to keep Trish and her husband busy between travels.

Suzanne Freshley, 1967-68 – Suzanne has been back to visit Vienna three times. The most notable was in 1994 when she took her parents to show them where they spent their money!  Her major was in music, and many of the most special times in her life have been spent singing and directing choruses, playing my flute and piano, and working in the theater in Chicago.  Vienna, the city of music, was a slice of heaven for her, and she became an opera lover there, seeing (mostly in the Stehplatz) at least 30 operas. However, her day job for the last 24 years was at Northern Trust, a bank headquartered in Chicago. She worked in Chicago for 15 of those years, and then was able to transfer to their new branch in Milwaukee, WI, which is her hometown.  She is now retired and loving every minute of it.  It gives her even more time for music. She is so blessed to have had the opportunity to study abroad that year, and fortunate to have had parents who made it possible.  Thank you, IES, and thank you for your wonderful publications now, keeping her current on all that is going on with the program. Suzanne would like to say “Greetings to all those I knew that wonderful year.”

Kay Hartmann, 1971-72 – Kay just got back from a trip to the Gulf [Doha and Dubai] with fellow IES Abroad alumnae from Vienna 71-72, Lynn Hemberger, Kathy Joslyn and Laurie Sinden...they are still culturally curious, thanks in part to their IES Abroad experiences. She also had the wonderful opportunity to work with college students in the design department at Virginia Commonwealth in Qatar.

Patrick Collins, 1973-74 – Patrick is currently living in Roseville, California.

John Cohn, 1979-80 – John and his wife Diane are still happily living in a 145 year old school house in Jonesville Vermont.  They have three great sons Max, Sam and Gabe. Unfortunately, John and Diane’s son Sam died in 2006 you can read about him and our journey at John has been working at IBM now for 32 years where he is now an IBM Fellow in Corporate Strategy. His work at IBM has taken him to about 60 countries. The older and weirder he gets the more he like working with kids around sharing my passion for science and engineering. He still stays in close touch with his host family the Erols in Vienna (79-80) and tries to visit them every few years.  John Cohn would love to hear from his co-alums!

David Tobin, 1980 Fall – David currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

Barbara Brown Cox, 1990-91 – Barbara has been a social worker since 1992, most recently supporting military families in Massachusetts. She and her husband of 15 years love to travel the globe, vacationing in Australia, Ecuador, Panama, and many other locales. She resides in Farmington, MA.

Gwen Armbruster, 1998-99 – Gwen joined The OutCast Agency (tech PR) in San Francisco in Dec 2013 as an Associate Business Partner in their People Ops (HR) department.

Mark Johnston, 2000 Fall – Mark lives in Owensboro, KY with his wife, Andrea and their two beautiful children (Cooper - 3 and Bailey - 6 months). Compared to some of the other students from his IES Vienna 2000 (Fall) class, Mark lives a simple life. They stay busy with family and work and don't have the opportunity to travel much. But Mark can honestly say that he is reminded of his semester abroad nearly every day. Mark hopes that he and Andrea will have the opportunity to visit Vienna in a few years. Perhaps they’ll be able to attend an IES 20th reunion in 2020 to relive some of the memories and make some new ones.

Andrew Pincus and Kate Skeith, 2008 Fall – Andrew and Kate met while studying with IES Abroad in Vienna in Fall 2008. After many years together, they returned to Vienna where it all began and got engaged! They had a great time and were able to visit the IES Vienna Center where they met with center director, Morton Solvik and took some photos. They left a note in the visitor book and hope to visit Vienna again in the future.

Updates received Spring 2013

Mary Jo Rossi Furgal, 1960 Spring – Mary Jo lives in Arlington, VA.

Jodi Kolar Whalen, 1961 Spring – Spending 6 months in Europe and traveling to 14 countries while studying in Vienna was a life-altering and life-enhancing experience for Jodi.  She still remembers the kindness of Herr and Frau Giese during her time there. Since then, Jodi has taught ESL to adults, starting with the Vietnamese in 1975 after the fall of Saigon, and continuing with many nationalities over the years.  Jodi and her husband, Pat, are celebrating their 50th Anniversary in May in Hawaii. Since retiring, they’ve traveled together to Europe, the British Isles, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Australia and New Zealand.  Together they raised two daughters, who've married and are raising their lovely grandchildren.

Peter Asquith, 1962-63 Fall/Spring – Peter retired this year after more than forty years as a faculty member at Michigan State University in philosophy, in a residential college in the natural sciences and in information technology that, besides the customary teaching and research activities, included serving as Department Chair, Associate Dean, and Director of MSU's participation in a national project to develop open source research administration software.

Christina "Tina" Von der Ahe Brown, 1964-65 Fall/Spring – The year Tina spent in Austria was truly one of the greatest experiences of her life. After graduation, Tina married and raised 4 children, and they are now the proud grandparents of 10 grandchildren. Tina and her husband lived in Beirut, Lebanon for almost 3 years, and they both love traveling, which they are doing more of since retiring.

Gary Carson, 1969 Spring – After IES, Gary went to Ohio State grad and Boston College Law. He has worked in the oil and gas industry for the last 36 years and retired in July near San Antonio. He finally made the trip back to Wien last fall.  It was great, but... none of you were there!

Timothy “Pat” Hannon, 1968-69 Fall/Spring – Pat just returned from 2 weeks in the Ukraine where he judged a mock trial competition.  Law students from L'viv and Chernivtsi competed against each other in the regional championship sponsored by BUILD [Building Ukrainian Independence through Lasting Democracy] and USAID. The buildings in L'viv and Chernivtsi reminded Pat of Vienna. While he was there he also “ate some mighty fine strudel and schnitzel.”

James "Jim" Lauderdale, 1968-69 Fall/Spring – Jim lives in Monterey, CA.

Mary Cleese Roybal, 1968-69 Fall/Spring – Mary lives in San Mateo, CA.

Elizabeth Ebinger Smith-Chavez, 1968-69 Fall/Spring – Elizabeth has never gotten over the love of travel that started her year abroad in Vienna. She has branched out to Mongolia, China, and the Middle East, but still has more continents to see! After 35 years with one big law firm, Elizabeth decided to give herself more flexibility by opening her own firm this year, specializing in real property and business litigation.

Lily Mazurek, 1969-70 Fall/Spring – Lily and her daughter, Liana had the trip of a lifetime in August of 2012 when they went to England for a conference near Stonehenge and the London Olympics. They also went to a tiny place called Lacock Village where much of the Harry Potter films were made.

Charles "Rick" Johanson, 1970-71 Fall/Spring – Rick has been practicing law in Birmingham since graduating from Cumberland School of Law in 1975.  His son, Richard Johanson, Vienna Fall/Spring 2006-07, had a wonderful experience in Vienna and it prompted Rick to go back for his only visit. Rick had great fun revisiting his old stomping grounds, which brought back a lot of memories.

Beth “Alison” Yarnold Taylor, 1970-71 Fall/Spring – After graduate school, marriage and a move to Oregon in 1979, Alison pursued a career in mediation, authoring three texts, and had two children, now grown.  Alison retired from public sector work but remains Executive Director of the Oregon Family Institute, and has a small private practice doing mediation and parent coordination.  She is going on sabbatical for 2 months, touring Turkey and Italy, and will get a chance to see Vienna for 3 days (after 40 years) on the way to Prague and Amsterdam.

Michael Gula, 1971 Fall/Freiburg, 1972 Spring – Michael is the “Geschäftsführer” or Managing Director of Johnson Matthey in Nürnberg, Germany.

Garson Herzfeld, 1971-72 Fall/Spring – Garson lives in Tampa, FL.

Dorothy Mich Metka, 1971-72 (IES Abroad Vienna Student Assistant 1972-73) – Dorothy has lived and worked in Austria since graduating from college. Following further studies at the University of Vienna, she worked for Citibank, Creditanstat-Bank Austria, and Allianz Investment Bank. After completing a counseling diploma in Austria, Dorothy spent several years counseling for social programs for the long-term unemployed. She is now retired and lives in Linz, Austria.

Eugene Allen, 1972-73 Fall/Spring – Eugene spent 35 years on the road in business after his IES experience.  IES helped prepare him for all the travel.  Recently, Eugene settled down in a small town in Missouri and has a very nice small CPA business.

Christina Spliethoff Hansen, 1973-74 – Christina has been a Special Education Teacher for over 30 years and a Special Education Coordinator for the past several years. She is married to Dennis and they have two children Susana (25) and Andres (21). Susana Hansen also studied in Vienna Spring 2010, and Christina was happy to visit and walk the streets of Wien and visit Kinsky Palace again. As a family they enjoy having exchange students from all over the world and learning about the cultures of others.

Christine Korb Standridge, 1985 Spring – Christine graduated from SUNY Fredonia in Spring 1986 and moved to St. Petersburg, FL where she lived for 7 years before finding a permanent home in Atlanta, GA. Christine has been married for 11 years to her best friend Chuck, and they have two children: Carolyn, 9 and Will, 7.  Christine is an in-house real estate paralegal with Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Leeann Mraovich, 1996 Spring – Leeann earned a Master of Health Psychology at Leiden University in The Netherlands in 2003-2004. 

Julia Wolcott, 2012 Spring – Julia lives in Pennsylvania.

Updates received Winter 2012-13

Benjamin Daise, 1963 Fall – Benjamin retired in 2008 after teaching philosophy for 38 years at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  He has language exchange partners in Germany and Austria, whom he meets regularly on Skype.

Stephen Groth, 1963 Spring – Stephen lives in Oracle, AZ.

Helga Storz Meyer, 1963 Spring – Helga is retired and lives in Colorado.

Martha Katz-Hyman, 1968-69 Fall/Spring – After almost eight years as an independent curator, Martha is back in the full-time workforce as Curator at the Yorktown Victory Center, one of two museums run by the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. She will be working on the Foundation's new museum, the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, which opens in 2016 and will replace the current Yorktown Victory Center. She is excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead!

Holly Moremen Hultgren, 1970-71 Fall/Spring – Holly and her husband, Steve Hultgren, Vienna Fall/Spring 1970-71, met in Vienna while studying with IES Abroad. They will celebrate their 40th anniversary this year.  Both of their children studied with IES Abroad in other countries while in college. Holly and Steve still love to travel and have fond memories of the experiences they had as young adults in Vienna.

Tom Neilsen and Joan Whitmore, 1971-72 Fall/Spring – Tom is the Senior Pastor at the First Congregational UCC Council Bluffs, IA.

Karen Zintz Rimel, 1972 Fall – Karen is retired and lives in Missoula, MT. She is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Vienna '72-'73 - 40th Anniversary Class Reunion in Vienna in May 2013.

Michael Barnacle, 1972-73 Fall/Spring – Michael moved to San Francisco in November 2012 after several years in the Boston area. He will practice real estate in San Francisco.

Lynn Bohannon, 1972-73 Fall/Spring – Lynn is living in Berkeley, CA.

Jennifer Harland, 1979-80 Fall/Spring – Jennifer traveled to Vienna in Spring 2012 with her husband, to visit their daughter, Gwen Eberts, Vienna Spring 2012. They enjoyed reconnecting with the city, visiting the Palais Kinsky, and reliving wonderful memories.

Robert Qunae, 1989 Fall – Robert has lived in New Jersey for the past three years, and prior to that he lived in Europe for 13 years. He lived in Frankfurt, Paris and London for 4.5, 4.5, and 4 years respectively. He and his wife, Alessa have three girls ages 4 (Kelsey), 7 (Arabella), and 10 (Corinne).

Jason Couvillion, 1994 Spring – Jason’s experience with IES Abroad gave him a love for travel and experiencing the new and unexpected that continues to this day.  Ten years ago he started a career in the travel industry, and is now one of the owners of Bruvion Travel, a premier travel management company that specializes in entertainment travel.  He has worked on tours for Cher, Tina Turner, Pink, Katy Perry and more.  His company also works with film and commercial production companies like Relativity Media and Park Pictures.  Since IES Abroad Vienna, Jason has visited 38 countries, and is about to hit 40 with an upcoming trip to Bhutan and South Korea. 

Leeann Mraovich, 1996 Spring – Leeann is planning to earn her third (and final) master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh in Social Work.  She plans to become an oncological social worker and work with cancer patients in a hospital or clinic setting.  She still regards her time in Vienna as the happiest days of her life and plans to revisit in the future. 

Emma Murley Kail, 2001 Fall – Emma is the General Manager of the Kansas City Symphony in Kansas City, MO.

Gretl Satorius, 2004 Fall – A year after returning from studying abroad in Vienna, Gretl completed her bachelor’s degree in Chicago, and thought she would never have the resources to return. To her surprise, a position opened up at the IES Vienna Center and within weeks of applying she returned to Vienna as the Student Assistant. She simultaneously pursued a higher degree at the University of Vienna, in Opera Dramaturgy. It became Gretl’s passion to share the fascinating cultural, military, artistic and political history of the country with new visitors to Vienna, and her experience as a local tour guide led her to create a self-guided, GPS-enabled iPhone app city tour called Gretl Goes: Vienna, to be released in early March through the Apple App Store. Her hope is to help others have the same experience she had as a first-time visitor to Vienna. For more information about the app, including 12 different themed tours, check out:

Ronnel Conn, 2004 Spring - Ronnel and his wife have been spending the last year enjoying their now one-year-old son. He is the Assistant Executive Director at the Westside Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles.

Kieran Fell, 2012 Fall - Kieran is living in New York.

Updates recieved Spring/Summer 2012

Joel Ziegler, 1961 Spring - Joel is a self-employed attorney.

Margaret o’Neill Adams, 1963 Spring - Margaret is an archivist for the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, MD.   James Olson, 1963 Spring - James has spent the last 19 years writing a book entitled The Whole-Brain Path to Peace that explains the right-brain feminine perspective and its effect on perception.   Judi Komaki, 1965-66 - Judi is happily retired and still interested in promoting social justice. She works in an award-winning inner-city high school with an extraordinary graduation rate of 95%, whose aim is to identify what’s going right so that this success can be replicated in other public schools. She is still traveling and will attend an Emirate wedding in March.   David Setnicker, 1966-67 - Dave decided to combine refereeing with travel this year and will referee championship games in Vienna and Budapest which he finds to be a great way to meet new people in new worldwide venues. Next stop next fall...Singapore and a blog called “Whistle Stops.”   Regina Visconti-Montana, 1967-68 - Regina lives in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, and has been tutoring German and teaching English. She does photography and is publishing a children’s book.   Rex Moser, 1968-1969 - Rex is in his last year before retirement from the State Department. He has worked in foreign affairs since 1986, most recently serving at embassies and consulates in India, Pakistan, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia.   Linda (Bissett) Masters1969-70 - Linda is living and working in Oregon where she has been a teacher, designer, home builder, artist, and real estate broker. She is a mother of three and grandmother of six. She married her high school sweetheart and loves gardening, picking wild huckleberries, and giggling with small people who are fairly carefree. Linda hopes their grandchildren will study abroad with IES Abroad and enjoy the same valuable life experience she did!   Margaret (Peggy) Perkinson, 1970 Spring - Peggy received the 2012 Alumna Achievement Award from Saint Mary’s College. Perkinson is an internationally respected anthropologist and gerontologist who serves as associate professor with the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the Doisy College of Health Science at Saint Louis University. Perkinson received her BA in humanistic studies at Saint Mary’s College. She earned an MA in cultural anthropology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a doctor of philosophy in human development and aging at the University of California, San Francisco. Perkinson has researched exercise and dementia, how grandparenthood impacts psychological well-being, older workers in the new global economy, and the social dynamics of diabetes management. Perkinson and her husband of 25 years, David Rockemann, sponsor three Guatemalan children, ages 4, 7, and 7, through a project called Common Hope.    Timothy Riese, 1971-72 - Tim has a few years before retirement and hopes to stay on at the University of Vienna as a student in a completely different field. Most of his time is taken up with projects dealing with smaller Finno-Ugrian languages, above all Mansi and Mari.    Paul Brindak, 1973 Fall - Paul is co-founder and CEO of Miss O & Friends,, which is a safe socialization website created and managed by girls who have outgrown Barbie, yet are not ready for Britney, providing activities that are cool, age appropriate, and esteem building. It is the third largest “Girls Only” website worldwide.   Kimette Glenn, 1975 Fall - Kimette is a retired attorney currently living in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico, about two hours south of Cancún, enjoying the beautiful beach, turquoise water, and Mayan culture!    Debra Kreck-Harnish, 1975-76 - Debra lives in Sacramento, CA, and started a Facebook group: “IES Vienna 1975-1976” and invites her classmates from Fall 1975 and Spring 1976 to join.    Zareen Mirza, 1977-78 - Zareen finished an MA in theological studies, is active on some boards, and is enjoying life!   Linda Pelleymounter, 1980 Spring - Linda graduated from Luther College with a BA degree and received her MM degree from the University of Texas at Austin. On invitation from her piano instructor in Vienna, Rosario Marciano, she returned to Austria to train for the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw, Poland. Later she received her DMA degree in piano performance from the University of Iowa. She is now employed at the Mayo Clinic and recently published a paper in the journal Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. Her love of music is still strong. She just completed a CD of her former piano performances in collaboration with Doug Geston (Westmark Productions).   Richard Katzman, 1982 Spring - Richard is President of Aly Kat Trading Company in Marblehead, MA. His daughter recently attended IES Abroad Rome. During her spring break they met in Vienna and he showed her Kinsky Palace and his old apartment, and they attended the symphony.    Randi Miller, 1984 Spring - Randi has just become the Vice President and General Counsel for US-Pacific Rim International, Inc. where she is spearheading USPRI’s new ChinaOUTBOUND and ChinaINBOUND Investment Services, managing their new ChinaLEGAL Consulting Service, and overseeing business development.   Michael Welch, 1984 Spring - Michael is a project manager at the Bank of America outside of Atlanta, GA.    Lisa Johnson Rodgers, 1987-88 Fall/Spring - Lisa lives in Keller, TX, and is a preschool teacher.    Collette Logan, 1988-89 - Collette is an account manager for Adpeople in Denmark.   Johnette Stubbs, 1989 Fall - Johnette is working as a photographer in India. Since IES Abroad, she has lived and worked in Central and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Her focus is on women and children in crisis situations as well as cultural manifestations of art, music, and dance.   James Krejci, 1990-91 - James is Managing Director of The Emergence Group in Washington, DC.   Robert Woods, Vienna 1992 Fall, Freiburg 1993 Spring - Robert is a USN Foreign Area Officer currently serving as an attache in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. He would welcome a visit and enjoy catching up with any Freiburg or Wien classmates!   Rye Walker Estepp, 1996 Fall - Rye is an OB/GYN in private practice in Memphis, TN, married, with two children, and takes ballet classes with Ballet Memphis.   Monique Lewis, 2003 Fall - Monique is the Assistant Editor and Americas Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications at mergermarket, an online news service of the Financial Times Group. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.   Megan Stump, 2004 Spring - Megan is training to summit Mt. Adams in Washington State through a program called Climb for Clean Air. CFCA is sponsored by the American Lung Association and raises money to support ALA’s mission: to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease,   Hana Abrams, 2011 Spring - Hana graduated from the University of Rochester in 2012 with a degree in music and is a graduate student at the Eastman School of Music.