Quito Alumni Updates

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Updates received Spring 2015

Molly (Mary) Friend, 2009 Spring - Six years after her transformative semester in Quito, Molly is now managing high school-aged exchanges to and from Ecuador. Through U.S. State Department funded programs, Mary will be bringing U.S. youth to Ecuador this summer and bringing a group of Ecuadorian youth to the Houston area this fall.

Updates received Fall 2014

Katherine Bowen, Spring 2011 – Katherine returned from her study abroad experience in Ecuador and completed her final year at Ithaca College. She then graduated from the University of Vermont with her MBA and is currently a Product Manager for an organization that develops online world language and ELL programs for the K-12 market.

Updates received Spring 2014

Steven Hayes, 2012 Fall – Steven graduated in May 2014 and is pursuing an internship in the finance industry. He has kept in touch with the many friends and host family from his semester abroad. Steven hopes to return to Quito to work for an extended period.

Emily Potts, 2013 Spring – Emily received a BA in Spanish and a BA in Biology from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in May and will be starting graduate school in fall 2014 towards a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology.

Updates received Fall 2013

Gail Schwieterman, 2011 Fall – After spending a life-changing semester in the Galapagos Islands, Gail realized she was enamored with traveling and with anything dealing with marine science. After she graduated college, Gail received the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship which enabled her to spend a year traveling the world on a self- designed project that explores how different cultures and industries think about and interact with marine resources.

Updates received Spring 2013

Sandra "Sandy" Ruiz, 2011 Winter – Sandra is a Doctor of Physical Therapy student living in Chicago, IL. She is looking forward to a volunteer experience providing physical therapy care in Punta Gorda, Belize in November 2013!

Updates recieved Spring/Summer 2012

Helen Pent Jenkins, 2006 Summer - Helen is the Director of Development and Marketing for the Montana Veterans Foundation.

Dayanna Davis, 2011 Spring - Dayanna is attending The Warner School of Education on a full scholarship as a part of the Urban Teaching and Leadership Program. She plans to become a teacher in the New York City public school system to help young minority students overcome the achievement gap in education. 

Susana Gutierrez, 2011 Spring - Susana received a scholarship to attend the University of Rochester for another year to study music cognition.