Milan Alumni Updates

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Updates received Spring 2016

Lorenzo Petruzziello, Spring 1996 - Lorenzo recently wrote his debut novel THE LOVE FOOL and is raising funds via pre-orders to publish. He reflected on his time in Italy and came up with a novel inspired by his personal and professional experiences. Check it out here:

Andrew Korn, 2009-10 - Andrew’s year in Milan was an invaluable experience that has had, and continues to have a major impact on both his personal and professional life. During his time abroad, Andrew studied at the Milan Center and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, taking courses alongside Italian university students. He taught English in a local elementary school, toured innumerable cultural sites, and had the opportunity to cultivate enriching and long-lasting friendships. All of these aspects of the program created a truly transformative educational experience that expanded his knowledge and skills within the field of Italian Studies, and shaped the nuanced individual he is today. Six years have passed since his time abroad, during which he has been working toward his doctorate in Italian Studies and teaching Italian language and culture at the university level. He says, “I know that IES Milan was vital to these successes. It has become clear that my experience will forever accompany me, as its impact continually manifests itself in my every new endeavor, building upon my past achievements, and allowing me to construct a life from my passion for the Italian language and culture. For this I am infinitely grateful to all those who work to make IES Abroad Milan a reality.”

Updates received Winter 2015

Steven Siegel, 2011 Spring - Steven Siegel has become the assistant to super producer Alex da Kid, whose produced and written songs with Eminem, Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, Nicki Minaj, and many more. He has put a pause on his DJing/music production at the time in exchange for getting an first-rate knowledge of the music business.

Updates received Spring 2014

Anna Lipowitz, 2013 Spring – Anna is a recent graduate of Gettysburg College. Currently, she is interning in the development department at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA and plans to apply to graduate schools for arts and music management.

Updates received Winter 2013

Ryan Barner, 2013 Spring – Ryan is currently in his Senior year of college, graduating from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a minor in Business Law from the USC Marshall School of Business.  He has recently completed a 6 month internship with the US Attorney's Office, an internship he interviewed for via cell phone while abroad at 11 PM in Barcelona, Spain on a weekend-trip away from Milan. Ryan was so inspired by his study abroad trip that he applied for another abroad opportunity.  He is glad to say that during Spring Break 2014, he will be traveling to Honduras with a campus group called Global Brigades @ Marshall in conjunction with the national student-led global health and sustainable development organization, Global Brigades.  During their trip abroad, my fellow Brigaders and I will be working directly with individuals from a rural community,   empowering them to become more financially stable and establish economic growth within their communities.

In addition to this trip, Ryan applied and received the unique title of a McNair Scholar.  The McNair Scholars program is a federally funded research program that allows students of minority status and low-income backgrounds to conduct research in the field and topic of their choosing with a faculty advisor of their selection.  This summer Ryan plans to study the neurological effects that occur in complex decision making. 

He plans to continue applying for jobs after graduation and soon will be applying to graduate programs that allow first-time programmers to gain the technical knowledge necessary to attain Master's degrees in Computer Science. Ryan wants to thank IES Abroad for an amazing abroad experience in Milan, Italy and for inspiring him to take advantage of every opportunity available!

Updates received Spring 2013

Kirstin Fisk Engelman, 1991-92 Fall/Spring – Kirstin lives in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Updates received Winter 2012-13

Iris Mejia Colon, 2005 Spring – Iris loved her IES Abroad experience in Milan, Italy and hopes to go back someday with her family. She is able to use the Italian she remembers in her current job working with economics data when using Italian language data sources.  Iris is also a fluent Spanish speaker and is working on an MBA at NYU Stern. She plans to travel abroad as part of the degree program.  

Alexandra Cerquone, 2011 Fall – Alexandra is a senior at The George Washington University.

Updates recieved Spring/Summer 2012

Lorenzo Petruzziello, 1996 Spring - Lorenzo manages business development and marketing for his family company Exhibit Express, Inc. in Woburn, MA, that handles shipping for trade shows and events across the country. He continues to travel to Europe for pleasure. He is a writer with a personal travel blog at:

Christy Newfield Schumacher, 1999 Spring - Christy recently moved to Leonardtown, MD. She has been married for eight years and has a two-year-old son, Jonathan.

Skip Wilson, 1999 Fall - Skip and his wife, Candice, welcomed their second child, Lydia, in December of 2011. Their son, Luke, turned three in July. Skip works as a fundraiser for Connecticut College.   Rosemarie Savio, Granada 2005 Summer, Milan 2006 Spring - Rosemarie is a part-time graduate student at Catholic University studying Urban Planning. She hopes to work in developing cities. She is also a full-time employee for Grassroots Business Fund, a World Bank spin-off that finances high-impact businesses in low-income countries.   Steven Siegel, 2011 Spring - Steven will attend the London College of Music in the fall to work on a Master’s in Electronic Music Composition. He plans to return to Milan to say “Ciao!” to Luca, Walter, Roberto, and the rest of the excellent IES Abroad Milan staff!