Dublin Alumni Updates

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Updates received Fall 2014

Rex Davenport, 2014 Summer – Rex spent a summer in Dublin working at Smock Alley Theatre and the Gaiety School of Acting as a directing intern.  Now he is back in Minneapolis to finish up his last year of college.  Rex is currently working on several shows and thesis, applying what he learned and was thinking about in Ireland.  That experience has also helped him land a few production gigs since he returned. He has stayed in contact with many of his Irish friends and plans to return in the future either to visit, work, or both.

Updates received Fall 2013

Nicole Howell Krizek, 2004 Fall – Since completing a semester abroad to Dublin in 2004, Nicole graduated with a degree in Finance, got married to a man in the Air Force, moved 5 times with the military, and had 2 little girls. Upon moving to Grand Forks, our current base, she started her own custom painting business and had my first novel published!

Updates received Spring 2013

Margaret Bridges, 2009 Summer – A few months after graduating, Margaret was admitted to serve with the United States Peace Corps in Morocco. She has been living and working in a small village in the south western part of the country for a year and a half now. Margaret teaches English and art at a youth center and does various activities with the woman's center in town, most notably women's empowerment and leadership. Margaret credits her experience with IES in Dublin as crucial to her current experience learning to integrate into a new culture in Morocco. “While Moroccan culture is vastly different from Irish culture, just the challenge of learning a new way of life wasn't so foreign due to my time spent in Dublin.”

Richard Venezia, 2010 Fall – After graduating, Richard moved back to Ireland for a year on a working-holiday visa. In Dublin, he worked in PR & Marketing for the newly reopened Smock Alley Theatre 1662, where the Gaiety School of Acting (the IES Abroad program) is now in residence! Following that year, he traveled around Europe for three months and Morocco for five weeks. In December, Richard will be moving to Australia for another yearlong working visa. “My IES experience absolutely opened my worldview and was the reason I chose this path. The world is big, and I want to explore it. Thanks for introducing me to it, IES Abroad.”

Updates received Winter 2012-13

Colleen Dobry, 2011 Fall – The summer after Colleen returned from IES Abroad in Dublin, her best friend from Dublin stayed with her family in Chicago. Having her friends and family get to know her Dublin friend for a summer gave them insight into what Colleen’s experience abroad was like and made for a fun summer! Thanks to technology, Colleen and her Dublin friend are able to keep in touch on a weekly basis and have decided to pick places around the world to meet and vacation in the future. Colleen is grateful for the excellent educational experience he had with IES Abroad and the friendships that will last a lifetime.

Hailee Mishael Pipes, 2012 Summer – Hailee is a sophomore at Texas Christian University studying Environmental Science. In her Basic Speech class, Hailee gave a presentation on Dublin and was able to utilize her pictures, blog, and experience studying with IES Abroad in Dublin. She loved sharing her adventures with her classmates and hopes it inspires them to study abroad. Hailee is enjoying all of her classes, doing hot yoga, and getting more involved on campus. 

Updates recieved Spring/Summer 2012

Alexandria Remus, 2011 Spring - Alexandria is in school in Chicago finishing up her undergraduate degree and getting ready to apply to a couple of graduate programs in Ireland!