Dijon Alumni Updates

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Updates received Spring 2017

Chantal Lawrence, 1998 Spring - After working in non-profit/NYC government for 16 years, I made the descision to follow my heart and I am now a flight attendant for United Airlines! It was difficult to relocate from Brooklyn to Houston, but I love my job! I love meeting new people and working with various flight crews. As an United French-language certified flight attendant, I do use my fluency in French to make in-flight announcements and assist Francophone passengers on trips to Paris, Geneva, and Bruxelles. As the daughter and niece of airline pilots, I'm happy to continue the family tradition.

Michael McGill, 2000 Spring - I recently graduated from the University of Texas Executive MBA program in Austin, Texas.

Sally Rush Peter, 2000 Fall - I am currently living outside of Cleveland, OH. I've been with Aspen Dental Management for a little over 10 years and worked my way through the ranks to a Director of Operations position. My husband and I had our first child in November of 2013, our daughter, Riley. I took on a new role as a Talent Acquisition Manager to better support our family life. My study abroad in Dijon, France was one of the best things I ever did. I made great friends that I am still in contact with. I traveled to 8 different countries during my time there, which is more than I've traveled the rest of my life combined. Most importantly for me, having grown up in a small town with my entire extended family nearby, it was the first thing I did on my own. I gained a ton of confidence and independence which has helped me immensely both personally and professionally. I would recommend participation in a study abroad program to everyone!

Kelly Goodpaster Fuller, 2005 Spring - The past year has been a whirlwind. In August, 2015 I passed my exam and earned my credentials as a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).  I am currently working as a global meeting and events planner with Creative Group, which is a leader in third-party meeting and incentive management and travel. My study abroad experiences were no doubt the catalyst for the drive to manage international programs and travel. I'm looking forward to future programs in the Caribbean and Europe next year, along with domestic events. I was also recently married in October 2015 and am enjoying married life and our new house that we purchased earlier this year.

Updates received Spring 2016

Michael McGill, Spring 2000 - Michael McGill recently graduated from the University of Texas Executive MBA program in Austin, Texas.

Updates received Fall 2013

Darren Henson, 1995 Spring – Darren is currently in a dissertation fellowship to complete a PhD in healthcare ethics while working as a health care consultant.

Andrew Balough, 2002 Spring – Andrew lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Updates received Winter 2012-13

Michael McGill, 2000 Spring – After 10 years in the semiconductor industry, Michael changed careers to public policy last year.  He is working as the Chief of Staff to Mayor Pro Tem, Sheryl Cole in the City of Austin, Texas. Michael was also recently accepted as a fellow of the Austin Area Research Organization (AARO).