Berlin Alumni Updates

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Updates received Fall 2014

Christine (Cree) Zins Scheier, 2000 Fall - Recently celebrated first birthday of our daughter Olivia Ann, born September 17, 2013 in Herrenberg, Germany.

Updates received Spring 2014

George Faithful, 2000 Spring/Nantes 1999 Fall – George and his wife, Enelia, welcomed their daughter Penelope into the world in January 2014. In May, Oxford University Press will release George’s book Mothering the Fatherland: A Protestant Sisterhood Repents for the Holocaust. Based on his Ph.D. dissertation in historical theology, George’s research on the topic began back in 1999-2000 when he studied abroad in Nantes and Berlin with IES Abroad, during which time he encountered the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, a group of Christian Zionist Protestant nuns.

Updates received Fall 2013

Katherine Sommers, 1996, Fall – Since studying in Berlin in 1996, Katherine graduated from Knox College and moved back to Madison, Wisconsin.  She met her husband in 2003, married him in 2006 and completed graduate school in Seattle in 2009.  Katherine also welcomed a daughter, Elsie, in 2009 and a son, Tristan, in 2012.  She works for the State of Wisconsin in Emergency Management.  She would love to reconnect with friends from the IES Berlin program!

Jacqueline Brown, Fall 2013 Spring – Jacqueline has been trying to make it through her seventh semester at Brown, juggling school work, job applications, and trying to keep in touch with China all at the same time! China definitely features prominently in her career plans plus she is trying to find her way back there sometime within the next few years!

Updates received Spring 2013

Cara Huntley, 2011 Spring/Buenos Aires 2011 Fall – After studying twice with IES Abroad, Cara graduated with a BA in International Studies and Spanish from the University of Hartford in May 2012. Upon graduating, Cara began working full-time as a research assistant at McLarty Associates in Washington D.C, an international strategic advisory firm. Cara’s primary focus is Latin America, which allows her to read, speak, and interact in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Devan Mizzoni, 2012 Spring – Since returning from Berlin, Devan has been finishing up the last year of her undergraduate studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She plans to return to Europe in the fall to further improve her German skills.

Updates received Winter 2012-13

Juan German, 2010 Fall – Juan is in Berlin, Germany after being awarded a fellowship through the American and German governments called the Congress-Bundestag for Young Professionals Fellowship. He will be in Berlin until July 2013. During his time there, Juan hopes to become fluent in German, learn more about the German higher education system, and intern with the German Bundestag to learn more on how to make policy decisions.

Updates recieved Spring/Summer 2012

Wellesley Scott, 1997 Spring - After studying in Berlin, Wellesley spent a year at Oxford University and then graduated from Illinois Wesleyan (1998) and moved to Washington, DC, where she attended the Howard University School of Law. A number of curious career decisions had her sitting on the board of a nonprofit, working at a trade association, doing legal consulting, and managing a Vespa service facility before opening a scooter/motorcycle dealership in Washington, DC.

Gwendolyn Stemberger, 2005 Spring - Gwendolyn is currently working in Minneapolis.    Juan German, 2010 Fall - Juan graduated from Occidental College in 2012 with a degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs. He will attend Carnegie Mellon University for graduate study in the fall of 2012.    Jessica Dillon, 2011 Spring - Jessica graduated from Ithaca College in May and is looking for an event planning position in New York City.