European Union Alumni Updates

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Updates received Spring 2016

Kimberly Webber, Spring 2015 – After studying abroad, Kimberley is now moving to Ireland for at least one year to live, work, and travel.

Updates received Fall 2015

Jeanne (Carroll) Townend, 1986 Spring – Jeanne is now Executive Vice President for Europe & Asia at ICF International, a government and commercial consulting firm specializing in subjects ranging from energy and the environment to health, education, poverty, and social policy. She lives in England, and a large part of her work is working with the European Commission. She says, “Who would have guessed that 30 years later my study program in Freiburg would have been so directly relevant to my work?”

Darby Gould, 2015 Spring - The summer after her IES abroad program ended, Darby did not want to return to the US so soon. She was really enjoying traveling and learning German. So she applied for an internship with a German international law firm, was accepted, took a leap of faith and moved to Berlin, Germany by herself. She found an apartment and enrolled in intensive German language learning courses. After spending 13 weeks living in Berlin, she came back to DC for fall classes. She says, “Before this experience abroad, I had never travelled out of the US and had never taken a German language course. In the course of only eight months I travelled to 16 different countries, became expertly well versed on the politics of the European Union, and can confidently say that I am conversational speaking German. Even though it was a big jump for me to move to a new city by myself for the summer, I do not think I ever could have done it without the abroad experience I had with IES EU. I am grateful for this experience and amazed at myself for how far I have come.”

Updates received Fall 2013

Katherine Malzbender, 2011 Fall – Studying in Freiburg, Germany solidified Katherine’s passion for sustainability and developing a culture of environmental consciousness in the US. She graduated from Johns Hopkins in May and is working at Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) to fight for environmental causes in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Katherine plans to go to graduate school in environmental management or policy in the next few years and is looking closely at going back to Freiburg for her masters!

James Bookhout, 2009 Spring – James graduated this May from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, and he took the bar exam in July. He is joining the international law firm Bryan Cave LLP as associate, and he is excited to be moving to the next phase of his life.

Updates received Spring 2013

Tabitha Tice, 2010 Spring – Tabitha graduated from Siena College in May 2011 and shortly after accepted a position with an international market research firm, Global Market Insite Inc. in Boston, MA. After 13 months, she decided that market research was not her passion and accepted an internship opportunity with Krochet Kids International in Gulu, Uganda, where she currently lives. The organization provides over 150 women an income through the crocheting of hats sold in the US, with profits going towards an education program to help them create sustainable incomes outside the program for the future. Tabitha will be in Uganda until July 2013, before moving onto her next adventure. 

Updates received Winter 2012-13

David Thornley, 1982 Spring, Vienna Spring 1983 – David lives in Freemont, CA and is the Ed Tech Trainer and Communication Specialist at the Fremont Unified School District.

Aansh Mehta, 2012 Fall – Aansh credits his experience in the IES Abroad European Union program in Freiburg, Germany with broadening his worldview so much so that has decided to pursue a career in global research with a focus on the EU. In preparation, Aansh’s entire course load at Villanova University focuses on global politics and economics. 

Updates recieved Spring/Summer 2012

Natalia Stefanova, 2003 Spring - Natalia moved to Gurgaon, India, recently to work as a business analyst at the offshore office of RJT Compuquest, a rapidly-growing IT company. She is part of the Business Analytics team, which provides innovative ways to grow your business harnessing the full power of big data, analytics, mobility, and social media. She is excited to explore the richness of India — its culture and spirituality, and to go surfing at the Maldives! 

Joseph Schroeder, 2011 Spring - Joseph is attending law school at the University of Chicago.