Official Transcript for Credit Transfer
IES Abroad will automatically send one official transcript to your home school for credit transfer once grades are final and all of your financial obligations are met.

Grades for IES Abroad courses are typically finalized within six weeks of the final day of the program. If you are taking courses at a local university, there may be some delay due to the disparities in administrative procedures between overseas and U.S. institutions.

School of Record 
Some schools do not accept IES Abroad credit directly. If this is true at your home school, you may need to request a School of Record transcript from the University of Rochester to receive credit for participation in the IES Abroad program (even if you are not a University of Rochester student). The fee for a School of Record transcript is $375 and is non-refundable. Check with your school to determine whether it accepts IES Abroad credit directly.

Financial Holds
We will send a bill to your home address for any final charges incurred at the end of the term such as housing damages, library fines, key replacement fees, etc. Transcripts will not be released until all financial obligations are met.

Viewing Your IES Abroad Grades Online
Once grades have been released, you will be able to download a grade report in your MyIESabroad account by clicking the link “My Grade Report” under the header "My Account." Ensure that your browser's pop-up blockers are deactivated.

Non-reported “NR” grades indicate that your professor has not yet reported your grades.

Six months after your program has ended, you will no longer have access to your grades online.

Alumni Transcript Requests
Alumni can order additional official transcripts (electronic or paper) for a small fee. IES Abroad does not issue unofficial transcripts.

If you originally requested a School of Record transcript and paid the $375 fee, you can order additional transcripts from the University of Rochester at no cost. If you need to apply for a School of Record transcript after you have completed your program, email [email protected].

Enrollment Verification
The IES Abroad Registrar can provide an official letter verifying student enrollment for health insurance qualification, employment, scholarships, etc. To request this letter, contact [email protected].

Grade Breakdowns & Appeals
Grade appeals may be considered in cases where you can document that the grade awarded for a course is not indicative of your performance in that course based on the syllabus, other guidelines provided in class, and IES Abroad academic policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Please be aware that, except in highly unusual circumstances, the only person who can change a grade is the professor who taught the course.

An appeal must be filed within 60 days of the grade being posted on your MyIESabroad account. It is your responsibility to check grades online after the program. Grades for IES Abroad courses are generally posted three to six weeks after the program end date.

In order to request a grade breakdown or appeal a grade, complete the Grade Breakdowns & Appeals Form online.

Appealing a grade from a partner institution is subject to that institution's policies, which may differ from those of IES Abroad.  Please see your IES Abroad Student Handbook for more information regarding grade appeals.

Contact Information
Questions? Email [email protected] or call 800-995-2300.