Merrill Scholar: Benjamin F. Ward, PhD

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Benjamin F. Ward, PhD, Paris '66-'67

A native French speaker, whose parents were both teachers, Benjamin embraced learning from an early age and entered Morehouse in what would have been his senior year in high school.  Because of his fluency, he was able to take classes at the Sorbonne in Paris in a number of disciplines and continue his music studies.  "Mr. Merrill took a special interest in me and made available to me tickets to a variety of cultural events as well as the ability to practice the organ in the historic Saint-Germaine-des-Pres church. In Paris I learned the difference between academic performance and intellectual engagement, and that has served me so well throughout my life."  Benjamin went on to earn a PhD at Yale where he taught for a few years, and has enjoyed a long career as a faculty in residence at Duke University.

"Emulating what Charles Merrill Jr modeled for me, I have enjoyed the opportunity to pay-it-forward and help a number of young men through their college careers."